Alt Right 101 | Why Identity Matters | #1

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In This Episode We Discuss:

2:40 Various types of identity
6:08 Other races understand the importance of race
9:25 How non-cohesive communities are preyed upon
11:48 Examples from our ancestry
15:45 Why identity politics is the prevailing game
24:25 Nationalism is natural and desirable
28:06 The distinction between foreign ethnic people vs. indigenous people of a nation
32:50 Looking at what our ancestors achieved with pride and not conflating it with white supremacy
41:07 Collectivism and its role in our past and future
43:57 Divorcing the culture from its people
51:38 Whites who have fallen from grace and why this happens


“The history and culture that surrounds us is what binds us and what makes us a cohesive community because it allows us to relate to one another. It shows us our shared sense of ancestry. It shows us where we came from. But equally, if you know where you come from, you know where your ancestors were going. And if you know where you ancestors were going, that is like a road map for you. A road map for future generations so you can carry on in the right direction.”
“When people come to this country, the left are so quick to talk of their wonderful culture and the way they’ve enriched us. But they will claim we have no culture. That we have no identity. That we need enriching. But that’s false. And it’s false because it’s used as a way to attack us.”
“I have extreme pride in my own people and I want to hold us their achievements. And why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t our children grow up to be proud of their ancestors? Why shouldn’t they grow up and say, ‘wow, look at what we did.'”

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