Mexican President Admits He Wants Conquest

I’ve heard countless people say that white genocide is a stupid concept thought up by  evil white supremacists. What say those fools now?

Vicente Fox Quesada‏
@VicenteFoxQue Aug 28 
@realDonaldTrump how many times do we have to tell you? You can keep tweeting, but we won’t pay the #FuckingWall.

Vicente Fox Quesada
@VicenteFoxQue Sep 1 , you’re killing the real American dream! DACA is fundamental for a successful America, what’s the point of ending it?

Vicente Fox Quesada‏
 @VicenteFoxQue Sep 1 
@realDonaldTrump Minorities will soon be the majority, and remember: we’re stronger together. Get it? You can’t trump the dream.

If the children of DACA are so wonderful, the question must be asked. Why doesn’t the Mexican president want them back? He knows that Trump is right when he says that when Mexicans come here, they bring their problems with them. He also knows that a wall would prevent his people from going across the border, stealing American jobs, and sending money back to family in Mexico, which helps give extra steam to Mexico’s economy.

And dare I mention that Mexico has wall on their southern border? But that’s different of course. They also have a constitutional policy that prevents their politicians from changing the demographics of the nation via immigration reform. It’s only racist when whites want a border and a white demographic, right?

Sadly, with Bannon gone… my hopes for that big beautiful wall are dwindling. All the men that were in agreement with Trump’s world view are gone. Now he’s surrounded by never Trumpers, cucks, and neocons. And we need a wall now more than ever.

This is pure conquest. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.