Lana Lokteff | How Women Can Course Correct | 27Crows Radio

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In This Episode We Discuss:

1:22 How Radio 3Fourteen got started
4:36 Finding balance in the Alt Media
10:33 Lana’s journey to nationalism
18:00 Are women in the Alt Right vulnerable?
21:45 Are women in the politics anomalies?
26:20 Tips for women who want to create content
29:08 How Lana deals with negativity
35:16 How lefties re-write history about female “oppression”
47:52 How men can help bring women over to the side of the good

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This Week on the Alt Right | ft. Henrik & Lana of Red Ice

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Red Ice “Weekend Warrior” Is Back!

I’m thrilled to see that Red Ice is now back with their weekend series entitled “Weekend Warrior.” Lana and Henrik are steadily recovering from their recent hack. 

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I particularly like the segment where Lana and Henrik discuss the Harper’s magazine article I was featured in, even though I declined speaking with the deceitful writer on three occasions. It just goes to show that they will write about you and slander you regardless of whether or not you talk to them. But it’s best not to. Because this will always be the result. The media doesn’t want the truth. They want the narrative.