Alt Right 101 | The Reality of Race | #9

Video Version:

Audio Version can be found HERE.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:33 What is the basic understanding of race realism?
  • 6:16 How race is more than skin deep
  • 12:44 The controversy regarding race and IQ
  • 16:10 The argument of outliers and averages
  • 21:33 Emotional responses from the left to racial realities
  • 31:12 Unrealistic expectations for IQ growth
  • 34:40 Accusations of superiority and censorship of facts
  • 43:44 What can we learn from race realism

YouTube Censors Mark Collett

As if Twitter’s purge of Alt Right and even tame Alt Lte accounts wasn’t bad enough, Mark Collett’s recent YouTube/Podcast video pertaining to the United Kingdom’s recent propaganda of pushing anti-white sentiments into the holiday spirit was pulled from YouTube in a matter of hours.

Given that the authoritarians don’t want you to see it, go give it a watch, a retweet, and share it where ever possibly.

The banned video can be found here:

and his comments on the matter are below: