Lana Lokteff Knocks It Out of the Park. Again.

Feminists are tearing each other apart because white women aren’t feminist enough for their POC counterparts. And I’m loving every minute of it.

But I’m quite certain that once these black feminists get the power they so desire they’ll still believe in equality and they’ll give the microphone back to white women once they’re done, right?

Ha! Ask the whites in South Africa how “handing over power” is working out for them. But no one asks about the END result of Apartheid. My mistake.

Alt Right 101 | The Attack on Masculinity | #5

Alt Right 101 | The Attack on Masculinity | #5

Video Version:

Audio Version on Spreaker.

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:27 What is a beta male?
  • 4:37 The problem with an age of convenience
  • 8:49 How men have become emasculated without role models
  • 17:55 The loss of the male retreats and past times
  • 25:03 The loss of male industries
  • 28:17 The important of masculine physicality
  • 30:22 The damage of social media/networks (Alt Lite rant included)
  • 45:25 MGTOW and why it’s toxic
  • 50:06 What many women seek and what mean should aspire to become
  • 57:31 What men of the past endured

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