Alt Right 101 | What is a Cuckservative? | #3

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 2:40 What is conservatism and why it has failed
  • 7:00 Why conservatives are seen as moral cowards by the Alt Right
  • 9:10 How conservatives betray their own base of supporters
  • 11:52 Conservatives always disavow those to their right
  • 14:22 The Confederate monument controversy
  • 16:38 The “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” lie
  • 22:18 Conservatives fail to appeal to their own
  • 23:36 How cuckservatives draw false equivalencies with their base and the left
  • 26:17 How conservatives often describe themselves as “progressive”
  • 30:08 How the game has changed and conservatives don’t realize it
  • 31:42 Democrats are the new fascists nonsense
  • 37:25 “Spreading democracy” & “with us or against us” mentality
  • 44:15 No, Ronald Reagan was not a good conservative
  • 46:26 No, David Cameron was not a good conservative
  • 49:00 Distractions used as our jobs disappear
  • 53:37 In the end, there’s only one party


  • “Conservatives don’t want to actually reach out to their own support base. They’re too bothered about reaching out to their enemies on the left and trying to be seen as the nice guys, trying to play by their enemy’s rules, than they are to actually appealing to people who would their core voters.”
  • “I would wager that if I was to sit in a room with your average conservative (small C), they would find more in common with me and I would find more in common with them than either of us would have in common with some who was a rabid leftie and a member of Antifa.”
  • “We are not conservatives. We are not just trying to defend a point. We want to preserve western civilization, but we want to better western civilization.

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Cuckservatives Strike Back

I’m new to being a conservative, but I feel as though I can spot a cuckservative when I see one. Or two. Or a whole gang of them who see their future being threatened by a man who wants to shake things up for a govt that’s been playing hookie for far too long.

As WikiLeaks prepared its dump of devastating emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, video and audio of Donald J. Trump—the Republican nominee for president—making off-color comments about women while with George H.W. Bush’s nephew, Billy Bush. were leaked.

George H.W. Bush, the former president, is voting for Hillary Clinton for president, Politico reported a few weeks ago. One of his sons, former President George W. Bush, has told people to vote in November but did not tell them who to vote for. And now his nephew is at the center of a disparaging tape on which Trump made lewd remarks about women. Both Trump and Billy Bush have apologized for the comments they made on the video.

But anti-Trump forces in the media, at the Washington Post which broke the story, and other outlets, have engineered it into a major scandal. And the Bushes and anti-Trump Republicans appear at the center of every turn in it.

Almost instantly, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush—a bitter Trump rival who has broken his pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee for president—denounced Trump, as did failed 2012 Republican nominee and fellow anti-Trump activist Mitt Romney.

As butthurt Jeb and Romney go on and on about how awful Donald Trump is for making lewd comments about women in a locker room several years ago (which is nothing worse than how women speak to each other in private. ‘Sex and the City’ in a six season long case study in the dirty talk women participate in). I’m sitting here wondering why more people aren’t talking about how Killary repeatedly went after the women who her husband raped and threatened them into silence. I’m wondering about the US internet handover to the UN. I’m wondering if my town is going to be bombarded by Muslim migrants in the coming year.

But let’s face it, Trump engaging in dirty talk in a bathroom is what really matters.

Is this an appeal from the cuckservatives to virtue signal to their leftist buddies, or are these guys seriously not concerned about the future of the US as they chat about how they would never condone such remarks? There’s a lot for them to be butthurt over given that Trump has succeeded in ways they never did.

As the grandfather of two precious girls, I find that no apology can excuse away Donald Trump’s reprehensible comments degrading women.

Hitting on married women? Condoning assault? Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world.

7:10 PM – 7 Oct 2016