Alt Right 101 | Alt Lite vs. Alt Right | #11

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Audio version can be found HERE.

In This Episode We Discuss:

1:17 The start of the Alt Lite internet movement
6:13 The ideological limitations of the Alt Lite
16:15 The irony of “skeptics” and public appeal
21:11 The argument of optics from the Alt Lite
24:42 The free speech argument
29:55 The failure to equate race and culture
35:20 DR3 on crack
44:15 The weapon of doxing

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Alt Right 101 | What is a Cuckservative? | #3

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 2:40 What is conservatism and why it has failed
  • 7:00 Why conservatives are seen as moral cowards by the Alt Right
  • 9:10 How conservatives betray their own base of supporters
  • 11:52 Conservatives always disavow those to their right
  • 14:22 The Confederate monument controversy
  • 16:38 The “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” lie
  • 22:18 Conservatives fail to appeal to their own
  • 23:36 How cuckservatives draw false equivalencies with their base and the left
  • 26:17 How conservatives often describe themselves as “progressive”
  • 30:08 How the game has changed and conservatives don’t realize it
  • 31:42 Democrats are the new fascists nonsense
  • 37:25 “Spreading democracy” & “with us or against us” mentality
  • 44:15 No, Ronald Reagan was not a good conservative
  • 46:26 No, David Cameron was not a good conservative
  • 49:00 Distractions used as our jobs disappear
  • 53:37 In the end, there’s only one party


  • “Conservatives don’t want to actually reach out to their own support base. They’re too bothered about reaching out to their enemies on the left and trying to be seen as the nice guys, trying to play by their enemy’s rules, than they are to actually appealing to people who would their core voters.”
  • “I would wager that if I was to sit in a room with your average conservative (small C), they would find more in common with me and I would find more in common with them than either of us would have in common with some who was a rabid leftie and a member of Antifa.”
  • “We are not conservatives. We are not just trying to defend a point. We want to preserve western civilization, but we want to better western civilization.

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