Alt Right 101 | Alt Lite vs. Alt Right | #11

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Audio version can be found HERE.

In This Episode We Discuss:

1:17 The start of the Alt Lite internet movement
6:13 The ideological limitations of the Alt Lite
16:15 The irony of “skeptics” and public appeal
21:11 The argument of optics from the Alt Lite
24:42 The free speech argument
29:55 The failure to equate race and culture
35:20 DR3 on crack
44:15 The weapon of doxing

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Alt Right 101 | The Beauty in Health & Fitness | #7

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:37 Why the Alt Right cares about physical aesthetics
  • 3:56 How the left attacks excellence
  • 9:34 How women are shamed for striving for beauty and fitness
  • 17:57 How we prop up the unhealthy and unfit as icons and idols
  • 25:34 Some statistics on anorexia vs obesity
  • 34:51 Is allowing children to become obese child abuse?
  • 37:09 Male beauty standards
  • 42:26 Survival of the fittest as a historical strategy
  • 46:18 Bre’s tips for health and fitness
  • 48:31 Mark’s tips for health and fitnes
  • 51:32 Various tips and tricks
  • 1:00:01 Foregoing short term pleasure for long term goals

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Steven Franssen | Make Self Knowledge Great Again

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:05 Steve’s political awakening
  • 5:50 How Steve discovered the Alt Right
  • 11:27 Steven’s interest in writing
  • 16:58 The journey to self-knowledge
  • 21:55 How young people in the Alt Right can use self-knowledge
  • 22:30 Carl Jung’s theory of the inner child
  • 24:00 Self-knowledge in practice
  • 25:45 The future of the Alt Right
  • 29:20 How the GOP is always on the defense
  • 32:02 Learning your audience’s perception of you
  • 35:07 The attacks on masculinity in reality and pop culture
  • 40:00 What is true masculinity?
  • 43:45 Steven’s writing process
  • 51:10 How insert lessons and principles into literature


– “If you sit and feel your feelings and have a dialogue with yourself, you start to come up with some interestingg tidbits that really help you with your life. I think a lot of people want easy answers. And self-knowledge is like exercising a muscle. It’s a discipline.”
– “A lot of young guys have been dispossessed of their society. This is America. Aren’t we the inheritors of America? What happened? What happened along the way? People get into history and start to understand this (self knowledge), and you can do this on a personal level too. It will make you a much more effective advocate for identitarianism, philosophy, whatever it is that you want to do, because you’ll take out the neurosis.”
– “True masculinity is about pioneering. It’s about adventuring. It’s about exploring. And yeah, there’s a bit of conquering in there. But it’s not about being a brute…feminism hijacked what masculinity means.”

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Public Enemy #4???

Apparently the media now deems me in the top 5 of “destructive and deluded women who prop up the Alt Right?”

Screenshot (102)

I was never an SJW. Not even close. Was I liberal? Yes. But I never engaged in social justice narratives by forcing a belief in egalitarianism on other people. I couldn’t even get on board with half of what other feminists believe back when I was a feminist.

But if you want to see how legit these kinds of arguments made by liberal publications are, look no further.

Screenshot (101)

Tomi Lahren “somehow doesn’t consider herself a part of the Alt Right”? Are you kidding me? She openly declared in a video that she found the peaceful rally goers who didn’t espouse white supremacy in Charlottesville as disgusting. And yet the author of this BS article proclaims her to be one of us? Tomi Lahren isn’t even Alt Lte for god’s sake. Tomi Lahren declares that she “doesn’t see color.” The Alt Right does because we’re racially conscious. Yeah… definitely not one of us.

This is why liberals lose debates. Rather than engage with you, they attack you and call you names. They know they can’t beat our arguments and if they tried, we would only bring more people over to our side. Therefore, slander, isolate and deplatform. That’s all that they know.

By the way, my podcast is called 27Crows Radio. Not 27Crowd. Bad journalism.