AmRen Suing Twitter

Jared Taylor’s organization, American Renaissance, is suing Twitter for their unlawful censorship and banning of his account. In December, Jared Taylor and American Renaissance were banned from Twitter for the sin of having opinions they didn’t like. 

When the Founding Fathers of the U.S. put freedom of speech in the Constitution, they were most fearful of government censorship and government driven persecution. We don’t live in a world anymore where the government directly censors people. Now, it’s corporations and establishments such as academia that censor people and fire them for having opinions that are even slightly right of center. This is the new battleground. Not tyranny driven by government forces, but corporate businesses and organizations such as Google that routinely censor and punish those who dare act against the prevailing group think mentality surrounding social justice. 

This week James Damore was told by a court of law that Google had the right to fire him because he sent a memo declaring, dare I say, that men and women are indeed different and diversity isn’t always the best thing in the world. The tentacles of corporate interests have infiltrated into our judicial system and will sink their teeth as deeps as they can while the carcass of social justice popularity dies a slow death. If Jared Taylor wins this case, it will be a landmark in the fight against large corporations that have been ruling over us for far too long.

Lana Lokteff Knocks It Out of the Park. Again.

Feminists are tearing each other apart because white women aren’t feminist enough for their POC counterparts. And I’m loving every minute of it.

But I’m quite certain that once these black feminists get the power they so desire they’ll still believe in equality and they’ll give the microphone back to white women once they’re done, right?

Ha! Ask the whites in South Africa how “handing over power” is working out for them. But no one asks about the END result of Apartheid. My mistake.

Germany acknowledges third gender?

Every time I think we’ve reached peak degeneracy, the world surprises me.

Germany’s top court has called on the country’s parliament to legally recognize a ‘third gender’ which allows intersex people to identify as neither male nor female. Germany could become the first European country to allow a third gender on birth certificates.

The current law on civil status discriminates against intersex people as it rules out “the registration of a gender other than ‘male’ or ‘female,’” the Federal Constitutional Court said in a ruling on Wednesday. The German parliament should introduce new provisions into current legislation by December 31, 2018, it said.

‘X’ gender: Germans no longer have to classify their kids as male or female
The court made its ruling in favor of an appeal brought earlier this year by an intersex person whose name hasn’t been revealed in the German media. The person was registered as female but chromosome analysis showed that the plaintiff was neither male nor female. The person brought the appeal to the top court after several lower courts had ruled against the bid for gender change in the birth register.

“Even if this person chose the option ‘no entry’ [for gender], it would not reflect that the complainant does not see themself as a genderless person, but rather perceives themself as having a gender beyond male or female (sic),” according to the ruling. Civil status is not “a marginal issue,” but rather a “position of a person within the legal system, as stated by the law,” the statement said. The German constitution does not require civil status to be “exclusively binary in terms of gender,” it added.

Germany’s Third Option activist organization has hailed the court’s decision. “We are completely overwhelmed and speechless. That’s a small revolution in the gender area,” the group wrote on Twitter.

I suddenly have an urge to go back and watch some more Stephen McNallen videos. The age of Wotan can’t come fast enough. The Germanic people need a miracle.

Dictionary now SJW subverted

Here’s the NY Times tweet.

The New York Times

Trump administration wants to investigate colleges for discriminating against white applicants, document suggests

Here’s’s response to it.‏
 @Dictionarycom Retweeted The New York Times
#AffirmativeAction = encouragement of representation of women & minorities

=/= discrimination against white people

The blatant truth is that minorities get a free pass when it comes to university entry and tuition fees. Whites, particularly white males always graduate with more student loan debt, then they’re lectured about being privileged while their only job opportunities are sucked dry from company diversity quotas. It takes a minimum of 40K to make a descent living and pay off student loan debt. But most jobs that pay that much these days have unreasonably high expectations on the job description. Others only pay $10/hour. And no, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve pillaged through thousands of job ads over the years.

Affirmative Action is nothing but an anti-white campaign to give merit to those who have never picked cotton and guilt those who have never enslaved. The average American taxpayer pays thousands of dollars a year that goes directly to the welfare state to help those “less fortunate” or minorities leeching off the system rather than getting a job. Then we’re told repeatedly that more reparations should be given.

More whites are waking up to the white guilt propaganda. But apparently even isn’t safe from virtue signaling.


Dragons Can Be Slain

Vox Day did a brilliant Periscope a couple nights ago that explained the reasons as to why modern literature is complete drivel.

Most of our lives we’re told what makes good literature or fiction. We sit in classrooms as teachers explain why this piece or that piece is a classic. The style and messages are didactic and often laborious to read. I escaped many of these boring books by going to the library and picking up something entertaining. I quickly discovered that while certain books were fun and great brain candy, books started going downhill around the time I got to college. In reality, the SJW subversion of publishing took place before that. But I didn’t even know what an SJW was at that point.

Most books these days are meant to be skimmed and not read word for word. Which is difficult for me. I can’t skim. I tried throughout the years and my brain needs to recognize each word. So when the trend became books that were meant to be skimmed and words didn’t have a deeper meaning to them, it made the task of reading that much harder. It felt like exactly that. A task. Not a fun activity.

I also found that the basic plotline of books didn’t appeal to me anymore. Take ‘Game of Thrones’ for example. I’m one of those assholes who has watched a good chunk of it, and decided I hate it. I tried reading the book and the fact that Martin spent something like ten pages describing a kid’s love for climbing trees made me want to drive pencils into my eyes. Then hearing Vox Day talk about GoT in a discussion with Stefan Molyneux helped me to realize why I didn’t like it. Not only was Martin a short, fat, bearded dwarf man who has very strange ideas about reality and women, the story only has maybe two couples with a normal relationship. The rest are either rape or incest. In fact, someone did a study of it and discovered that in the first couple of books, rape is referenced every fifteen pages. And the fact that people were calling this brutal and gross series “reality” and hailing it for showing what the world is really like drove me mad. This wasn’t reality. Incest and rape around every corner and brutality of this nature isn’t reality unless you join ISIS or live in North Korea. It’s the take of a truly deranged man who sits at his desk typing at a computer and fantasizing about rape and incest.

It was demoralizing.

I read books as a child to get away from reality. To go on an adventure. I always placed myself in the lead character’s shoes. Why? Because their lives were fun and exciting. And most of them didn’t have a math test on Friday to prepare for. So much more fun.

Vox Day repeats the notion in this linked periscope that books exist so that children know dragons can be slain. To give hope. To inspire. To moralize. Modern literature is meant to demoralize. It bring us down. To tell us how awful the world is. Not that we can conquer the dragon. Or if they do tell you to conquer the dragon, they place traditional values in place of the dragon who is oppressing helpless minorities or refugees.

Modern literature attempts to discredit reality in favor of teaching kids to follow their heart and that nothing matters. But very bad concepts. One that can lead to ruin in multiple ways and another that teaches them to live without hope.

Notice at the end of the Periscope how I asked if Castalia House was taking new authors. Vox says it’s by invite only. Excuse me while I go cry a little. 😉 #LifeGoals dashed to pieces. *sigh*



Let the schools fall

An excerpt from Vox Day’s collection of articles from 2001-2005 in “Innocence and Intellect.”

It is important to understand that there is no fix for this, because it is not a problem with the system. The school system we have today is exactly what it was designed to be – a place to detach children from the values of their parents, destroy their moral foundation and degrade their ability to think independently.

And suddenly the reasons why so many of my teachers put me in time out and degraded me in front of the entire class starts to make sense.

When I was still in single digits, my mother enrolled me in ballet. I didn’t have the passion for it, but it was a solid after school activity. We had a recital where all the girls had to perform a series of dance moves in a row. I did them backwards from the proper order because I wanted to be different. My teacher made sure I paid the price for the next few weeks for ruining her vision.

The same happened again in various other classes throughout my public school education. Deviance is punished. Independence is punished. Being unique is punished. Public schools are designed to indoctrinate. And it starts extremely young.

If you can swing it, home school your kids. Then maybe have them do a sport or activity in the evenings to make friends. But no amount of money is worth the unlearning your kids will have to go through after public schools or uni conditions them into believing Marxist ideologies. And the worries over their social skills….let them go. Kids do more damage to each other socially growing up in school than they do in a hockey rink.

Only Irish can serve potatoes!

The only way to respond to such insanity of a Portland woman having to shut down her burrito stand because “cultural appropriation” is with equal insanity. 

Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post Portland Burrito Truck Shut Down After Being Accused of Culturally Appropriating Burritos

From: A (Northern) Irish Reader

I have lived in Portland.

It is a wonderful city and the people were warm and eclectic–and so far up their own posteriors it was hard for a guy like me from Belfast to comprehend.

I came to Portland from London, where I had been studying. Every Friday I would treat myself to a feast of that traditional British staple, fish and chips.

It was only later–when I noticed that the people who owned the fish and chip shop were Kurdish–that I realized I had been an accomplice in a cultural appropriation crime.

Needless to say, when some of my Portland friends invited me for dinner and suggested making potatoes (because I came from Ireland), I reported them to the authorities and had their kitchen bulldozed.

We must remember that the traffic can only go one way.

Only Italians should serve Italian food! Only Chinese should serve Chinese food! And so on and so forth the SJW nutjobs would have us believe. It sometimes feels as though in an insane world, the only way to make sense of it is to make fun of those who perpetuate the insanity. After all, they’ve been proven to have no sense of humor.

This morning, I’m drinking coffee. Lots of it. Did I just commit a crime of consuming a bean not off this country?

Not one fuck can be given.