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– 00:50 – How Peter got started with independent journalism
– 4:58 – Avoiding hate speech laws in Europe
– 7:55 – Peter’s experience at the Gothenburg rally in Sweden
– 14:13 – What can American nationalists learn from European nationalists?
– 21:28 – The brainwashing in Swedish schools
– 24:48 – Sweden is not a liberal utopia
– 29:42 – No go zones in Sweden
– 33:50 – The difference Swedish and Norwegian politics
– 36:28 – Advice for upcoming independent journalists
– 38:27 – How Hope Not Hate doxed Peter and harassed his family


– “They (the migrants/Antifa in at the Gothenberg rally) were attacking everyone. They were attacking journalists, they were attacking ordinary citizens of Gothenberg as well. This was quite extraordinary and something I had never seen before and I got it all on film.”
– “A survey from 2007 said 50% of Swedish youths believe that communist created welfare. And 90% didn’t now the evil of communism and that it killed 100 million people And 50% think that communism created wealth. It goes to show the level of brainwashing in Sweden.”
– “If they’re going to have socialism, everyone has to work and relatively few people have to be on benefits. Otherwise, it collapses. It’s economics.”
– “There’s over fifty-five no go zones in Sweden now. I’ve had experiences with these guys (the migrants) myself. I’ve been in some of these no go zones. You don’t want to go into these areas. These areas are 95+% migrants, you have loads of shootings going on.”

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Run, hide, tell! And then die.

Run from that truck moving at 40 mph or more! Run from those bullets flying directly at you. Run from those nail bombs that go off in an instant. Or… you know… die.

British tourists are being urged to watch a new safety video on how to survive a terrorist attack ahead of their summer breaks. The four-minute clip issued by counterterrorism police depicts a firearms attack unfolding at a hotel.

And the message is simple – Run, Hide, Tell!

Detective Chief Superintendent Scott Wilson, national coordinator for the Protect and Prepare strategy, told the Press Association that the chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident are “still low” but “sadly we have seen atrocities that take place in the UK and abroad.”

“It is important that everyone stays alert and knows what to do if the worst was to happen.
“As we saw in Tunisia in 2015, any westerner is likely to be a target anywhere in the world,” he added.
“We want people to think of this in the same way they do the safety films airlines show before take-off.
“They don’t expect anything bad to happen but it is a sensible safety precaution to show people what to do.”

The video encourages people to first run to a place of safety if possible, leaving belongings behind and bringing others with them.

If there is no place of safety, they should hide by barricading themselves in and turn their phones to silent.

As soon as it is safe, they should alert authorities by using the local emergency number, which is 112 in EU countries.

This is yet another attempt of counter-terrorism efforts to make it look as though the people can still maintain control of their situation under threat of terror all while trying to normalize the situation. There’s no doubt that European tourism has been hit really hard by recent terror attacks and the constant flood of third world migrants that not only scowl at women without hijabs, but also take every opportunity to grope them.

Little do these counter-terrorism efforts know that their little safety video does nothing but make them look even weak to the invaders they lovingly allowed into their country.

So run from those trucks and bullets. Let’s see what moves faster. I think my money is safe betting the terrorist is gonna win.

If you’re in the USA, start packing. There’s no excuse anymore. And even then, nothing is going to stop a nail bomber except not allowing him into your country.

Stop Hating On Hate

There’s one word that I hear getting a really bad reputation, particularly from lefties. And that’s quite obviously the word ‘hate’. I’ve been accused of “spreading hate” or “inciting hate” countless times since I became red pilled. As it turns out, facts and reality are now considered hateful. Fantasy land and unattainable utopia is considered love. And the thing that gets to me the most about the misuse of this term is that fact that those who use it the most don’t understand how natural hatred is.

Author Jim Goad says that you naturally hate that which threatens your livelihood. Hate helps you to recognize that something is a direct threat to your life and could potentially cause you pain or harm. It’s natural for us to feel it simply for the sake of survival. We hate those who harm us. And love doesn’t protect one from being on the receiving end of hatred.

Many Native American tribes hated the Pawnee. Why? Because they slaughtered anyone who wasn’t Pawnee. Such was a matter of survival. Such was required so those who protected a tribe could do what they had to do to keep their families safe from a potential raid from an enemy tribe. Isn’t that how most of history has gone? You naturally hate those who threaten you. You naturally hate those who desire to cause you pain. And there will always be people around who want to cause you pain. Only now days, we’re told that we can naturally stop that process by learning to love.


One of the most painful things regarding the French election is the fact that the people of France clearly believe the third world cultures they’re allowing in share their values and they can all coexist peacefully. This egalitarian type of thinking causes people not to see potential threats. When I see a bunch of foreign men of military age from a foreign religious faith that preaches conquering those who won’t submit to Islam climbing a fence and crossing the border into my territory, I see a threat. I see invaders. I see people who want to harm my livelihood. And the more we see terror attacks taking place in France in the coming months and years ahead, the more the left will tell people that its their “hate” that caused others to lash out at them. That the whites in particular can somehow fix themselves if they just learn to love a little bit more.

It won’t happen. It will never happen. You can’t love that which doesn’t not have the intention of returning even the slightest respect for you.

I suspicion that France might very well be the first of European nations to fall. With that being said, the U.S.A didn’t learn their lesson (I say this as an American) after 9/11. The French haven’t learned their lesson after both the Bataclan theater in 2015 and the Nice attack in 2016. It took the U.S. over 15 years to learn that we need immigration reform in order for these kinds of terror attacks. And even with Trump in office, we’re still not there.

The French have been taught to believe that self-interest and protecting their culture is equal to being hateful. When the word hate is so misused that it directly translates in “how dare you suggest that you have the right to defend yourself,” you can count on seeing more dead bodies in the streets. Especially if Erdogan unleashes more migrants through Turkey, which he has threatened to do several times.