The Paralympics of Terrorism?

Now ISIS is calling on the disabled to fight their battles for them.

An American-accented ISIS fighter who apparently lost a leg fighting with the terror group was featured in a new Islamic State video calling on Western supporters, including the disabled, to conduct knife or gun attacks.

The bearded jihadist is referred to by nom de guerre Abu Salih Al-Amriki, or the American, and is shown using crutches and attaching a prosthetic leg. In “Inside the Khilafah” video released by ISIS’ official al-Hayat Media Center in English and Arabic, Abu Salih also calls for would-be terrorists to take advantage of gun availability in the United States.

He begins by telling wounded jihadists with “one leg or no legs” that they have “no excuse” to not strike the kuffar, or disbelievers. “To the brothers with limbs and no limbs, I challenge you to a race toward the gates of Jannah [paradise],” he said.

Abu Salih says the ISIS flag will be raised above the White House — a common threat from the terror group. “Yes, America, you will be overcome from where you least expect it,” he adds.

His message to President Trump: “You entered into the White House on the back of your crusader rhetoric which the fake media has pressured you to tone down. Your fangs and hatred toward Islam has already been revealed, o dog of Rome… your war against Islam has only made your homeland more vulnerable and your society cracking into chaos.”

The message then turns toward jihadists in the West, telling them to “get a knife and slice the throats of the kuffar so that they know that the blood of the Muslims is not cheap.”

Let’s go with the SJW narrative for a quick second. Is ISIS able-ist? Are they denying that full able bodied terrorists can’t commit atrocious crimes as well?

Ok, that’s enough of that. How about the mere notion that ISIS is telling people who are already disabled to turn themselves into flying mince? And why are they assuming that disabled people have the necessary limbs to drive a car or run around wielding a knife?

And for the ISIS fighter to call out Trump for his “rhetoric”… what’s he trying to say here? “How dare you make it difficult for us to sacrifice the disabled inside your country by not letting us in?” Who is the real bigot here? Trump or the ISIS fighter who wants already disabled fighters to give even more? I’m guessing ISIS doesn’t have good wounded veteran packages for retirement from their service.

Let’s not forget though that an ISIS terrorist is able to assess that the mainstream media is fake news. 

This might be funny and border on parody if it weren’t so darn tragic. 

Diversity is New York’s Strength

Or so we’re told. In reality, New York (as well as the rest of America) didn’t learn their lesson from 9/11. It’s not just planes we have to worry about now. It’s suicide bombers and truck attacks. 

More cops, more bomb-sniffing dogs and more police snipers than ever are being deployed by the NYPD for New Year’s Eve to protect the 2 million spectators expected to cram Times Square to usher in 2018, department leaders said Thursday.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said counterterrorism planners are heeding lessons from recent terrorist attacks, including three in Manhattan since September 2016.
“People will be safe,” O’Neill said, “and they should feel safe, too.”

Beginning at 11 a.m. Sunday, crosstown traffic is to be shut down from 37th to 59th streets and Sixth to Eighth avenues, and the area will be sealed off with concrete barriers, blocker cars and sand-filled trucks, said Terence Monahan, the NYPD’s patrol chief.

He said the department will also restrict trucks on those avenues from 34th to 59th streets.

To stop a suicide bomber from detonating an explosive like the one set off Dec. 11 under the Port Authority bus terminal, officers will search celebrants twice — when a person approaches the Times Square area, and again at each designated gathering place — with specially trained dogs and metal detectors, and by officers examining each reveler’s bags.

To avert a Las Vegas-style sniper shooting from above, NYPD officers are being assigned to every hotel in the Times Square area. O’Neill hinted that guest rosters are being scrutinized, but he declined to elaborate.

The NYPD is focusing on about 20 hotels and office buildings, especially about a dozen with a direct line of sight to the crowd below, said Steve Davis, the NYPD’s chief spokesman.

To block a vehicle-ramming attack like the rented pickup on Halloween that killed pedestrians on a bike path near the West Side Highway, sand-filled garbage trucks are to be parked at intersections near Times Square, with all 125 area garages ordered closed and sealed to protect from an exploding vehicle being left inside.

James Waters, the NYPD’s counterterrorism chief, said analysts are also monitoring online propaganda put out by groups like the Islamic State, and issuing bulletins to officers on how to identify and kill, as a last resort, would-be suicide bombers and take cover to protect themselves and the public.

But how will Waters tell his police officers to be on the look out for would-be bombers when they have to be awful white supremacist racists to even spot a…dare I say… ISLAMIC terrorist? That’s racial/ethnic profiling… and university professors say that’s super duper bad. 

Boy, this diversity sure is beautiful. So glad we opened up our borders to third worlders who think FGM, acid attacks, and truck attacks are super nifty ways to get your point across. 

At this rate, New Years Eve will go off with a bang. Literally.

Tell Nike NO

Maybe customers don’t want more Vans or Adidas. Maybe they just don’t like it when companies promote Islam by selling headscarf athletic wear.

The largest sports brand in the world is having a 40% off sale on its website, A smattering of product is included in the 48-hour sale, including running shoes, sportswear, and specialty gear.

It’s a big change for the brand, which in the past has rarely held sales. Nike has been more promotional lately, in light of increased competition and potentially shrinking consumer demand for sporty clothing and sneakers.

Matt Powell, an analyst for NPD Group, called Nike’s sale “unprecedented” in a tweet, calling it a sign that the “industry is going the way of the rest of teen retail.”
A survey of teenage consumers released on Wednesday by Piper Jaffray also showed that Nike’s dominance as a favorite of teens was slipping in favor of brands like Adidas and Vans. It’s still the favorite of upper-income teens, with 46% saying they preferred the brand over others — but that number is down from 51% a year ago. 

Nike’s sales were down 3% in the latest quarter, with CEO Mark Parker stating in an earnings call that a promotional market would continue to cause headwinds for the company. Another sales decrease is predicted for the next quarter before the trend reverses.

“We still see a dynamic and promotional landscape, one that is having a pronounced impact on physical retail,” Parker told investors.

Nike’s CFO, Andrew Campion, told investors on the call that discounts are a temporary problem.

“That promotional marketplace will put some pressure on pricing and off-price in the short term,” Campion said. “But we definitely believe that that is a short-term impact.”

Bottom line: if you want to get your Nikes on sale, now is the time.

Few things right now would make me happier than to see this brand that desperately tries to appeal to women’s egos and also promotes the assimilation of Islam into the west go down.

As far as I’m concerned, don’t “get your Nikes on sale, now is the time.” Refuse to buy from this brand that promotes globalism and the assimilation an incompatible culture which has caused a rise is terror attacks such as truck attacks, acid attacks, FGM, and honor killings. Tell Nike NO!

By the way Nike, advertising toward kids who’s allowance won’t permit them to buy a $60 pair of workout pants was never a good idea.

Instagram Protecting ISIS?

A post that I made December 10, 2016 was removed from Instagram because it apparently violated community guidelines. I guess hating ISIS and wanting them dead for doing things such as burning a Jordanian pilot alive in a cage is just too much for Instagram. Or maybe if you hate ISIS, you’re actually hating Islam. Because it’s all the same, right? 

But wait… if it’s all the same… then that would make Islam, dare I say, dangerous!

Acid Attack in London

Diversity is our strength! Islam is a religion of peace! Diversity is our strength! Islam is a religion of peace! Repeat until it somehow makes sense. Or until you’re deformed from an acid attack.

British police arrested two teenagers on Friday after five acid attacks in less than 90 minutes across east London left several people with facial burns, including one with horrific injuries.

Two assailants on a moped pulled up alongside a 32-year-old man in the Hackney area of east London at 9.25pm local time on Thursday and threw acid in his face before one of the pair made off with the victim’s moped.

In the next hour-and-a-half, three other men across Hackney and one in the neighboring borough of Islington had corrosive substances hurled at them, police said.

After one of the robberies in Hackney, a man was left with facial injuries described by police as “life-changing”.

Police said they had arrested a 15-year-old boy in Stoke Newington, north-east London, and a 16-year-old male at a separate address in north London on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said the number of acid attacks appeared to have risen in the capital, though they remained relatively rare.

“I don’t want people to think that this is happening all over London all of the time – it’s really not – but we are concerned because the numbers appear to be going up,” she told the LBC radio station.

“Acid attacks are completely barbaric. The acid can cause horrendous injuries. The ones last night involved a series of robberies we believe are linked.”

The government said it was working with the police to see what more could be done to stop the use of acid in attacks.

“It’s already an offence to carry acid or a corrosive substance to cause harm,” Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokeswoman said. “We are working with the police to see what more we could do.”

The police urged witnesses to come forward.

Footage posted on social media appears to show paramedics treating a man following one of the attacks.

They pour water into his eyes and ask him where the incident happened.

“Just here,” he says, pointing to a nearby intersection.

“We need to try and get water in your eyes, keep your eyes open,” the paramedic says.

The incidents follow a spate of recent acid attacks in east London, which have left some Muslim residents fearful about leaving their homes amid speculation the attacks may have been motivated by racial or religious hatred.

On June 21, as aspiring model Resham Khan celebrated her 21st birthday in Newham, east London, an attacker sprayed the young woman and her cousin Jameel Muhktar with acid through their car window. The pair were left with devastating injuries.

It’s only a matter of time before we hear of gays being thrown off buildings, women being murdered in the streets with swords, and honor killings happening on a regular basis. Nothing unusual for an Islamic country, but London?

An acid attack has to be one of the most vicious things a human being can possibly do. It’s unthinkable. No matter someone’s age. But soon it will be business as usual in various areas of London.

Tommy Robinson warned them. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan claimed it was part of living in a big city. And before we know it, this kind of wretchedness will be normalized. The motives will be questioned, and yet again, whites will be blamed for causing Islamists to become radicalized. Because it’s the only explanation that fits into the narrative the left has constructed. 

Hey people of color out there who claim they hate whites so much and can’t wait for us to be extinct… how are you liking the alternative forming? Because newsflash, you’re an infidel too.

The Breitbart Breakup

As I stated in my previous live stream, I’m breaking up with Breitbart news. Why? Reporter Katie McHugh was fired… for telling the truth.
There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there.

You don’t get any more truthful than that.

One of the most dangerous lies of our time is the idea that having any loyalty to your race or to your own ethnicity is a pathology. A disease. Morally inferior. Downright evil. It makes you an evil Nazi! Unless you’re Jewish. Then having your own ethno-state is totally legit.

With the firing of Katie McHugh, Breitbart is clearly stating that they support Israel’s right to only allow certain ethnic groups into their country, but not white Europeans. For all the articles I’ve referenced on Breitbart and how they report on Islamic terror without any leftist bias, here they have cucked massively. They proved that they’re centrists in the matter of Islam being a real threat to destroying white identity and the dispossession of the white race. They’re stating the classic lie of the “moderate Muslim” being able to integrate into Western society is achievable. Anyone who has observed the no-go zones in Europe and the predominantly Muslim areas in the U.S. knows that Muslims are taught very strictly not to integrate. It goes against the teachings of the Koran. In fact, they see it as okay to lie about their willingness to integrate as long as it goes along with the task of spreading Islam.


In truth, Islamic terror is the truest and purest representation of Islam. And those who claim saying so is hateful, have been brainwashed into believing that loving their own race or ethnicity is a pathology, or that “moderate Islam” isn’t radical.

Breitbart is officially on my shit list.

And no, I’m not punching right. Breitbart is officially to the left of me.

Katie, thank you for your courage. You inspire me.