Law & Order SVU Justifies Assault on Identitarians

The screenwriters for ‘Law & Order SVU” made an episode featuring a look-a-like conservative Ann Coulter who goes to a college campus to speak. Antifa attacks her, rapes her, then is acquitted for the crimes because the judge “can’t trust” the testimony of horrible identitarians because the right is just that evil.

We already know that the judicial system is completely against us. It’s not difficult to see after Charlottesville and the injustices done to Katrina Redelsheimer and her husband at UC Berkeley. But now Hollywood/media/television is telling audiences across the country that it’s okay to assault identitarians and you’ll get off, because they must be stopped at all costs. No matter what antifa has to do.

Yes, we’re at that point. The media is justifying our deaths. And Antifa just got a gold stamp of approval to do whatever they want with no repercussions.

Morgan Freeman Goes Full SJW

The man who once told Americans that they needed to “stop talking about” racial identity, now claims that gender identity of a statue is potentially problematic. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Morgan Freeman left the SAG Awards audience on its feet on Sunday after delivering a short speech that touched on Hollywood’s gender inequality debate while accepting the guild’s life achievement award.

“I wasn’t going to do this; I’m going to tell you what’s wrong with this statue,” he said. “It works from the back, but from the front, it’s gender specific. Maybe I started something.”
After getting a standing ovation, Freeman took the stage and said, “This is beyond honor, this is a place in history.”

He thanked SAG-AFTRA, his children, his business partner, his life partner, and Rita Moreno, who presented Freeman the honor — returning the favor after he gave her the award in 2014. She said the two have known each other for 50 years, having first worked together on the 1971 educational children’s series “The Electric Company.”

“Morgan is way more than just an actor, narrator, producer, humanitarian. This man is a national treasure,” she said.

“Morgan likes to say that if you become a star, people are going to go see you. And if you remain an actor, they’re going to go and see the story you’re in,” she added.

“I know you’re just saying this ’cause it’s true,” Morgan teased when he took the stage.
“You have no idea how long I had to put up with that,” he later joked when Moreno told him to raise his baseball cap.

“These moments in one’s life usually would call for an entire litany of thank yous. I can’t do that because I don’t know all of your names, so I won’t try,” he said.

The 80-year-old film legend, who has a Screen Actors Guild Award, two Golden Globes, and an Oscar under his belt, finally broke into the film industry at the age of 50.

He told Variety that he once thought, “your mouth has shut your career down,” after losing role after role for being outspoken about how African-Americans and other minorities were depicted in the scripts he was reading.

“I want to change people’s attitudes. About black people, about us as Americans. About America itself,” he told Variety.

Freeman is the 54th recipient of the SAG life achievement prize, awarded to an actor annually for career achievement and humanitarian accomplishment.

Last year’s life achievement award honoree, Lily Tomlin, also made headlines with her speech, as well as comments she made backstage that likened the then-recently-inaugurated president’s political tactics to those of Nazis.

This well respected actor who has even played God in films joins the likes of SJWs such as Jessica Chastain and Natalie Portman, who couldn’t keep their leftie mouths shut at the recent Golden Globes when complaining about people of color being represented along with the lack of female directors being nominated, even though the pickings of female directors were slim among the previous year’s award level caliber of films. But don’t let that stop you from seeing reason and logic, ladies.

It appears as though Freeman has joined ranks in complaining about gender and the supposed dominance of men in Hollywood. The SJWs virus knows no bounds.

Celebrities Leave Sanity Behind

I do enjoy an occasional Mark Dice video. He puts himself out there and gives some comic relief when it comes to the left. Particularly when Oprah claims older white people(although it wasn’t explicitly said we know what she meant) have to die due to their prejudice and racism.

If Oprah does run for president, I hope this becomes the meme that rules the Internet.

Now if only Mark Dice would realize that it IS a war against whites. Not just some crazed liberals talking about silly identity politics. I guess there’s still time.

Remake Remake Remake!

Further proof that Hollywood is completely lacking in new ideas. I’m pessimistic as far as how they will destroy yet another classic.

Emily Blunt is the perfect Mary Poppins!

The 34-year-old actress perfectly channels the iconic character in a brand new photo from Mary Poppins Returns. The pic, which first debuted onUSA Today, shows Blunt and her co-star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, taking a joy ride.

Hamilton mastermind Miranda plays lamplighter Jack in the movie, while Meryl Streep will play Mary’s cousin, Topsy, Dick Van Dyke will play Mr. Dawes Jr., the chairman of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank, Colin Firth will play William Weatherall Wilkins, the head of the bank, and Angela Lansbury will play the Balloon Lady.

Mary Poppins Returns takes place 25 years after the original Disney movie, which starred Julie Andrews in the titular role. The sequel centers on Poppins’ return to the family, when Michael suffers a personal loss in 1930s London.

As for whether Andrews will be making a cameo in the movie, which will be released in 2018, she revealed in June that it wouldn’t fit with the storyline.

“It’s 55 years since that Mary Poppins was made. This Mary Poppins is going to star Emily Blunt, and I’m a huge fan,” she said. “It’s a totally different story. You know, Disney had all the other Mary Poppins stories in its archives. So, why not use them up and make another one?”

“It’s [Blunt’s] movie,” Andrews declared. “It’s not a recreation of the movie by any means. …It is about the same character and other aspects that she did in her life.”

Who was the arrogant asshole who thought Mary Poppins needed to be remade? He/she must be somehow related to the asshole who thought Jumanji needed to be remade. All Hollywood is doing is destroying classics that were a part of so many childhoods. 

I like Mike Enoch’s attitude of how we need to create our own culture of critique and see some of these films Hollywood produces for the purpose of critiquing them and pointing out obvious flaws just like (((they))) did to our culture through years of Frankfurt school programming. 

So will I be seeing this atrocity? Maybe. But only for the purpose of pointing out yet again that it didn’t need to be remade. And any obvious (((messages))) that need to be torn apart.

I noticed that this version will have other scenes and various parts of Mary Poppins life. So here’s my first critique other than this didn’t need to be made. Mary Poppins was always meant to be a bit of a mystery. Stop revealing that which was meant to be unknown about her. The mystery made it fun!

The Lawn Gnome | The Fall of Hollywood

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  • 13:40 Marvel vs. DC
  • 19:00 The recent Hollywood scandals
  • 24:55 The case for Tim Allen
  • 26:50 Shunning the wrong-doers
  • 30:07 Where were the parents?
  • 30:40 How it influences young Hollywood stars
  • 39:58 Indie films and how they’re surging
  • 42:38 Is there room for creativity in Hollywood?
  • 44:54 What’s important about a film?
  • 45:45 The state of modern stand-up comedy
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