Lana Lokteff | How Women Can Course Correct | 27Crows Radio

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In This Episode We Discuss:

1:22 How Radio 3Fourteen got started
4:36 Finding balance in the Alt Media
10:33 Lana’s journey to nationalism
18:00 Are women in the Alt Right vulnerable?
21:45 Are women in the politics anomalies?
26:20 Tips for women who want to create content
29:08 How Lana deals with negativity
35:16 How lefties re-write history about female “oppression”
47:52 How men can help bring women over to the side of the good

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Lana Lokteff Knocks It Out of the Park. Again.

Feminists are tearing each other apart because white women aren’t feminist enough for their POC counterparts. And I’m loving every minute of it.

But I’m quite certain that once these black feminists get the power they so desire they’ll still believe in equality and they’ll give the microphone back to white women once they’re done, right?

Ha! Ask the whites in South Africa how “handing over power” is working out for them. But no one asks about the END result of Apartheid. My mistake.

Pussy Writers UNITE!

To my great amusement, #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear and #WhatWoCWritersHear (meaning women of color) was trending on Twitter a few days ago. Aside from being wildly entertaining, it was interesting to see the SJWs whining, moaning, and complaining about their ‘muh oppression’ and ‘muh sexism’ and ‘muh prejudice’ and ‘muh wicked patriarchy’ considering that not one of them would be published without the existence of the system they love to believe hates them.

Women who enjoy their victim status unite!

Victoria Schwab
“I’m so glad I didn’t know you were a woman. I never would have picked up your book.”

Oh my favorite little wimpy SJW from the days of DiversityGate. Did you think blocking me would save you? 

Women like to whine about the fact that men don’t often read their books and enjoy thinking it’s because of …(insert a word ending in -ism, -ist, or -ic here). But in reality, it’s because the audience for science fiction and fantasy over the last five or six decades was largely male. You wouldn’t market a hunting rifle with the name Oprah on it unless you don’t want sales.

Sorry honey, that’s just the facts of gender (which is not a social construct). The few women writers who wrote in these genres wrote under male pen names because men were used to seeing other men. Now that SJWs have destroyed the fantasy and sci-fi genre to the point where men don’t even want to read mainstream published novels anymore because they’re always portrayed as being (insert a word ending in -ism, -ist, or -ic here), women wonder why men don’t want to read their novels? Keep bashing white males. You’ll be FORCED to hide your gender as time goes on. Which proves the theory of writing under a male pen name in certain genres as being a good idea to start with.

L.L. McKinney
“We’re looking for a particular voice for the worldbuilding panel, but there’s an opening for one about diversity.”

Wait wait wait! Women of color are constantly going on and on and on about being represented, crying out (insert a word ending in -ism, -ist, or -ic here) when they don’t feel they’ve been portrayed accurately, ruin authors careers in doing so, say they don’t want to be a ‘token’ character, then whine about the only panel available to them being a ‘diversity’ one that they spent ages harping on about to start with?

Oh for the love of god!

Sasha Delvin
I do support diverse books. But we’re looking for QUALITY, you know?

Um… yeah. Sorry your skin color didn’t get you a fucking free pass like affirmative action did. Getting published requires writing a good book. Or at least it used to. In the world SJW leftist publishing it just means that you need to hit certain social justice bullet points. Maybe you should harp on about muh white privilege a bit more in your next manuscript. 

N.K Jemison
:::Mentions racism::: “Why do you hate white people?” #WhatWoCWritersHear

Granted that I’ve seen this author moan about Trump being elected by primarily white supremacists, I can’t take her thoughts on racism seriously. Nor should anyone else. And when you’re only finding racism among whites and never call out your own for committing racist acts against whites, then yes, you do hate white people. This one is enjoying her victim status WAY too much.

Maybe you’re constant accusations of (insert a word ending in -ism, -ist, or -ic here) are why independent publishing companies are sailing while mainstream agents and publishers are flailing. Just a thought.

Beth Hallman‏ @bethhallman101 
“Your husband’s incredible for letting you write.” And he lets me wear pants & drive the car too! I’m so lucky! #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear

I’m going to state with complete confidence that people are saying this to you because many are suffering from today’s economy and they need two incomes to make a financially stable household. Writing doesn’t pay well for most writers out there. No one is suggesting that your hubbie chains you to the stove.

I would love nothing more than to see these ladies trying to get published in Iran where women are actually oppressed, rather than actively looking for it on every corner. It’s this kind of attitude that has destroyed the publishing industry and why so many debut authors are cut from publishing houses. They can’t afford to keep them on and give them the necessary advertising because they continue pushing social justice narratives that readers are simply sick of. 

You’re not being oppressed. You’re being a pussy.  Toughen up and write your damn book.

You can’t have the pussy card!


Let me get this straight dear female lefties… you want equality in all regards. You want women to be seen the same as men. You want to be hailed for your strength and independence. You want more women in the sciences and claim there’s still a gender pay gap (which there isn’t… no respectable economist takes your claims seriously). You praise Richard Spencer getting sucker punched in the face because NAZI!

Then you throw down the “female” pussy card when you see a communist thuggish moronic twat get punched by someone you don’t like.

You can’t claim you’re every bit as good as a man then claim your own weakness at the first sign of trouble! You’re either equal, or you’re not. It seems right now as though you’re claiming you’re not.

Your lady in the picture above claimed she wanted to hurt people at this gathering on Facebook. Oh, and she’s also starred in pornos featuring her very hair bits. Your new female spokeswoman has some flaws.

Here’s what she used to look like before the nasty dreadlocks.


Where this once beautiful young women went wrong, who knows?

I took martial arts for years. I took hits in the gut, the face, and had my lip split open. I never once complained. Toughen up! If you want to be seen the same as men, then don’t whine when you get punched after rioting in the street and threatening to harm innocent people who come to hear a right wing speaker give a talk. 

And choose your heroines a little more wisely next time.