Alt Right 101 | The Beauty in Health & Fitness | #7

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:37 Why the Alt Right cares about physical aesthetics
  • 3:56 How the left attacks excellence
  • 9:34 How women are shamed for striving for beauty and fitness
  • 17:57 How we prop up the unhealthy and unfit as icons and idols
  • 25:34 Some statistics on anorexia vs obesity
  • 34:51 Is allowing children to become obese child abuse?
  • 37:09 Male beauty standards
  • 42:26 Survival of the fittest as a historical strategy
  • 46:18 Bre’s tips for health and fitness
  • 48:31 Mark’s tips for health and fitnes
  • 51:32 Various tips and tricks
  • 1:00:01 Foregoing short term pleasure for long term goals

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Football is male land

Oh boy, a former football player acknowledged gender roles and stated the obvious. The SJWs are gonna be all over this one. Not that they watch football, but you know… the nerve!

Former Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman John Moffitt said Sunday he thinks women are incapable of knowing about football and that they should stay out of “male spaces.”

It comes days after Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was criticized for saying he thought it was “funny” that a female reporter was asking about wide receiver routes.

When Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked Newton on Wednesday about wide receiver Devin Funchess’ route running, Newton smiled and said, “it’s funny to hear a female talk about routes. It’s funny.”

“Women don’t know football- most guys barely do. Stop coming into male spaces and demanding respect.. guys care about the substance of things not the appearance. Just because networks like a sexy sideline reporter for you to look at doesn’t mean cam is sexist for questioning the authenticity of her game knowledge- he was laughing because she was fed that question like most of her kind are. If women are so knowledgeable with a game they can’t play let them do play by play or color commentary.. but no, and women don’t even see that it’s not cam but the network that’s sexist, or just can’t lie about the truth. Women don’t really know the game- they are incapable. Yet in this society where a women can do anything a man can do and men can do nothing this is a rock and a hard place. Personally, I thought it was funny too!”

I’ve watched a few games. Took a mild interest in learning how the game works. Then lost interest. You might meet the occasional woman who knows a few stats, but come on! It’s a man’s world. As it damn well should be. I don’t want to be apart of it, and I don’t take offense to men saying I shouldn’t be. They’re right. And I don’t care one tiny bit. Much like how watching men at makeup counters makes me uncomfortable… even if they’re gay. It’s just weird! That’s ladies land. Stay out!

Then as I became racially aware there was no enjoying the game even from a distance as I came to realize that many of the players are thugs with criminal records. Even in college football. Not a good look. Which oddly enough makes them a better recruit. But now that a white male has stirred the gender roles pot yet again… let’s pop a bag of popcorn and pray he doesn’t cuck.

John, whatever you do…. DON’T CUCK!


Bourdain Politicizes FOOD.

Keep in mind that this particular chef claimed in one of his TV shows that the world will never know a true utopia or peace until the whites race is bred out of existence. At least he shows his cards.

How vocal celebrities should be about their political views has been up for debate for some time now, and even more so since the election. When they do speak out, it often results in push-back from critics who tell actors, models, and even chefs to “stay in their lane.” But if you ask Anthony Bourdain, he has a simple response to those who wish he’d stay silent: “F*** that.”

In a TimesTalk event hosted by the New York Times and the New School, Bourdain spoke about his upcoming documentary, “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste.” The film educates viewers on the issue of food waste in this country, and how we can individually make changes that will add up (Step one: Pick the ugly tomato).

During the talk, Bourdain said not wasting food is a “moral imperative,” which led the moderator to bring up José Andrés’ recent efforts in Puerto Rico and Tom Colicchio’s lobbying work as political acts. Bourdain didn’t mince words when it came to a response:

“F*** that. There is nothing, look, is there anything on this planet more political than food? No there is not. Who eats? Who doesn’t eat? Who is cooking? Who’s eating?”
Why are we eating the things that we eat? What got us to this point where we are eating a lot of pickles or dried and preserved food? What does this tell us about, you know, ourselves? … Who is picking the produce? Who is cutting the meat? Who is shipping the meat? Who is putting it in the boxes? So every time I hear that online, and I hear it a lot, you know, ‘Stick with food, man. Stop talking about politics.'”

As he points out, food is inherently political, especially in the context of food waste, conservation, and food insecurity. And since food is, you know, needed for survival and all that, it’s probably a topic of conversation that shouldn’t be silenced.

Bourdain is now politicizing food. I refuse to watch his show, which way back when he visited some cool countries and tried foods that made my mouth water. But no more. Can’t . He’s repulsive. And he can’t stay married, which I think says a lot about a man. Once you start watching his shows and see what a dick he is, you start to realize why.

Back on topic… His anti-white attitude is more than I can handle. I support his right to say what he pleases. And sometimes I prefer anti-whites to show their anti-whiteness. It helps people like myself create a stronger argument against them.

But food? Now we’ve politicizing FOOD? I want my steak without a dose of politics, thank you!

This is the world we live in now. You can’t even visit a restaurant without being force fed a hefty dose of politics. And unless Bourdain is willing to give over 50% of his salary and half of what he cooks in a restaurant to the poor in the back alley each night once the kitchen closes, I can’t take his politicizing food seriously.

Steak for dinner tonight. Without a dose of politics. Some things are sacred! I realize lots of families discuss these things at the dinner table. But only if they want to. And if chefs will force their opinions down our throat, then they can expect the same reaction from their customers that Hollywood movie stars are getting. Empty seats.

Florence goes full SJW

I do love Florence + the Machine. I don’t however enjoy virtue signals.

florence welch‏
 @flo_tweet Oct 4 
Today’s use of ‘You’ve Got The Love’ at the Conservative party conference was not approved by us nor would it have been had they asked.

florence welch‏
 @flo_tweet Oct 4
Replying to @flo_tweet
If the Conservative party could refrain from using our music in future. x

I wonder if Florence would be willing to tell everyone how she would feel about Nicolas Maduro playing her music at a Venezuelan political gathering… Does that inspire the desire to virtue signal? Probably not. 

This is one of many reasons that I’ve been enjoying the band Ghost recently. They don’t tend to say anything political (that I’ve been able to tell) and they’re out there for a show of dark punk metal music with a flare.


The only slightly controversial thing I’ve heard is that a Christian choir refused to do a chorus for one of their songs about the devil. They’re a bit outrageous for the sake of being outrageous. Not to make a huge statement. It appears to be for the horror and heavy metal aesthetic value rather than actually promoting a particular belief.

They’re about the music. I write under different pen names away from my political content so that I have something out there that’s not about the politics. Because during a time when creators are involving what they believe everyone should think into their work (and outside it) rather than making it about the work, we need artists, singers, authors, film makers, and designers who are willing not to.

I do admire people such as Jon Del Arroz who is on the right and willing to take the sling shots and arrows in an insanely SJW converged world such as publishing. Anyone willing to go counter to the current narrative is brave in my eyes. But when he writes a story, it’s about the story. His journalism is an aside. And that’s the way it should be.

I wonder if Florence would personally ask fans of her who commit wrong think to not play her music ever? If we’re gonna draw lines in the sand, at least be real about it. But then again… her record sales might not survive it. At the end of the day, most huge singers are more worried about the money than pulling a stunt like the Dixie Chicks. 

Not that I’m a fan of Bushie… never was… but one thing you never do is diss a right wing U.S. president when you’re target audience is right wing country loving country music fans. 

Not saying that Florence’s target audience is on the right… but I enjoy an artist who keeps the music about the music. The art about the art. The writing about the writing. 

I do however place my vote for Florence to be played at the next Alt Right rally. Simply because I want to see her reaction now. It would be hilarious. Tiki torches and Florence music. That’s my kind of night.

Red Ice “Weekend Warrior” Is Back!

I’m thrilled to see that Red Ice is now back with their weekend series entitled “Weekend Warrior.” Lana and Henrik are steadily recovering from their recent hack. 

You can help Red Ice get back on their feet by donating to

I particularly like the segment where Lana and Henrik discuss the Harper’s magazine article I was featured in, even though I declined speaking with the deceitful writer on three occasions. It just goes to show that they will write about you and slander you regardless of whether or not you talk to them. But it’s best not to. Because this will always be the result. The media doesn’t want the truth. They want the narrative.