Tiana Dalichov Doxxed

TD….by who? I’m 90% certain that I know the two parties involved that sold her out to the left wing media, but I can’t say much more than that at this time.

My co-host of On the Write was the victim of a hit piece by (((Rebecca Klein))) of the Huffington Post. A “reporter” with radically anti-white positions.

We knew this was coming beforehand and suspected the scale might be very large. 

I made our show private on all my platforms for the time being for her protection. I don’t know if or when it will be back.

Tiana is doing ok and is continuing to fight. She is loved by her students and has a strong spirit. All the left does when they do this is create another warrior. Not that she wasn’t already. She has always been strong and willing to take to the battlefield. But now, she’s only going to get stronger. 

She has requested privacy at this time, otherwise I would be making videos and trying to gather more support. But the sensitivity of the situation requires that I don’t for the time being.

Hail Tiana!


Public Enemy #4???

Apparently the media now deems me in the top 5 of “destructive and deluded women who prop up the Alt Right?”

Screenshot (102)

I was never an SJW. Not even close. Was I liberal? Yes. But I never engaged in social justice narratives by forcing a belief in egalitarianism on other people. I couldn’t even get on board with half of what other feminists believe back when I was a feminist.

But if you want to see how legit these kinds of arguments made by liberal publications are, look no further.

Screenshot (101)

Tomi Lahren “somehow doesn’t consider herself a part of the Alt Right”? Are you kidding me? She openly declared in a video that she found the peaceful rally goers who didn’t espouse white supremacy in Charlottesville as disgusting. And yet the author of this BS article proclaims her to be one of us? Tomi Lahren isn’t even Alt Lte for god’s sake. Tomi Lahren declares that she “doesn’t see color.” The Alt Right does because we’re racially conscious. Yeah… definitely not one of us.

This is why liberals lose debates. Rather than engage with you, they attack you and call you names. They know they can’t beat our arguments and if they tried, we would only bring more people over to our side. Therefore, slander, isolate and deplatform. That’s all that they know.

By the way, my podcast is called 27Crows Radio. Not 27Crowd. Bad journalism.


Christmas in July

This may not be news to those of us on the right, although I can see it being devastating to those who retweet CNN as if they have any credibility. Although, liberals tend to think that anything James O’Keefe puts out there is edited or chopped in such a way to suit his narrative. A defense mechanism maybe?

Here’s how O’Keefe describes the video:

Project Veritas’ newest video from the American Pravda: CNN series exposes Jimmy Carr, the Associate Producer for CNN’s New Day attacking President Donald Trump and admitting that CNN has a left-leaning bias.

When asked by an undercover journalist if CNN is impartial, Carr plainly responded, “In theory.”

He then continued to talk about CNN’s views on President Trump:

“On the inside, we all recognize he is a clown that he is hilariously unqualified for this. He’s really bad at this and that he does not have America’s best interests. We recognize he’s just fucking crazy.” He continues to attack Trump personally, instead of focusing on his policy:

“He’s not actually a Republican. He just adopted that because that was the party he thought he could win in. He doesn’t believe anything that these people believe. The man is on his third wife. I guarantee you he’s paid for abortions. He doesn’t give a shit about abortion. He doesn’t care about gay marriage.” He also attacked Kellyanne Conway, stating that she “looks like she got hit with a shovel.”

Carr echoed the sentiment of John Bonifield from the first American Pravda video – that the narrative comes from the top, and Russia is good for ratings:

“…it’s decisions made by people higher than me and if they go wow, your ratings are soaring right now. Keep up what you’re doing. Well, what we’re doing is Russia, ISIS, London terror, shooting in Chicago, that’s it.”

This comes on a day where the war between Trump and the media has really ramped up. This is only going to make it worse.

The accusation that Trump is inexperienced is laughable given that Obama didn’t have much or any either. The accusation that he’s not really a Republican is why his voters liked him to start with. He was the anti-establishment candidate. Given that Trump has made good on many (definitely not all) but many of his promises suggests that he does intend to follow what he says and believes in it. He already stated that he doesn’t care about gay marriage because it’s already been passed by the Supreme Court. It’s therefore not any issue yet Dems keep bringing it up for some reason. And as far as the Conway comment… liberals are not against body shaming. You just can’t body shame them.

These video drops have been exciting to watch. They reveal what the right already knows and force the left to scramble to explain themselves. Anyone paying attention will see the CNN news anchors reaching for excuses. So sit back and enjoy the entertainment and appreciate the hard work that O’Keefe and individuals working for him do. Often to great risk.

Hit Piece Ahead

5952c6bc3b93bYesterday afternoon, I received this email from the fact checker at Harpers Magazine. A young woman contacted me weeks ago about appearing in an article she was writing on the Alt Right. I declined to participate. I’ve watched others on the right say constantly that doing any sort of mainstream interview is always a hit piece and does absolutely nothing to serve your best interests.

Given the abruptness and passive aggressive  tone in this email, I have no doubt that this case will be no different. It will be a hit piece that I will probably appear in. They’ll throw around the usual stuff. Racist Nazi white supreeeeemist. Because that’s what the media does to any white movement. They delegitimize it by cutting down white people in every way and telling them that any sort of group interest or preference is a pathology. And if you love your race, you obviously have a deep seething hatred for all other races. We in the Alt Right know that this isn’t true. But we will fight it with everything we can.

The Breitbart Breakup

As I stated in my previous live stream, I’m breaking up with Breitbart news. Why? Reporter Katie McHugh was fired… for telling the truth.
There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there.

You don’t get any more truthful than that.

One of the most dangerous lies of our time is the idea that having any loyalty to your race or to your own ethnicity is a pathology. A disease. Morally inferior. Downright evil. It makes you an evil Nazi! Unless you’re Jewish. Then having your own ethno-state is totally legit.

With the firing of Katie McHugh, Breitbart is clearly stating that they support Israel’s right to only allow certain ethnic groups into their country, but not white Europeans. For all the articles I’ve referenced on Breitbart and how they report on Islamic terror without any leftist bias, here they have cucked massively. They proved that they’re centrists in the matter of Islam being a real threat to destroying white identity and the dispossession of the white race. They’re stating the classic lie of the “moderate Muslim” being able to integrate into Western society is achievable. Anyone who has observed the no-go zones in Europe and the predominantly Muslim areas in the U.S. knows that Muslims are taught very strictly not to integrate. It goes against the teachings of the Koran. In fact, they see it as okay to lie about their willingness to integrate as long as it goes along with the task of spreading Islam.


In truth, Islamic terror is the truest and purest representation of Islam. And those who claim saying so is hateful, have been brainwashed into believing that loving their own race or ethnicity is a pathology, or that “moderate Islam” isn’t radical.

Breitbart is officially on my shit list.

And no, I’m not punching right. Breitbart is officially to the left of me.

Katie, thank you for your courage. You inspire me.