Law & Order SVU Justifies Assault on Identitarians

The screenwriters for ‘Law & Order SVU” made an episode featuring a look-a-like conservative Ann Coulter who goes to a college campus to speak. Antifa attacks her, rapes her, then is acquitted for the crimes because the judge “can’t trust” the testimony of horrible identitarians because the right is just that evil.

We already know that the judicial system is completely against us. It’s not difficult to see after Charlottesville and the injustices done to Katrina Redelsheimer and her husband at UC Berkeley. But now Hollywood/media/television is telling audiences across the country that it’s okay to assault identitarians and you’ll get off, because they must be stopped at all costs. No matter what antifa has to do.

Yes, we’re at that point. The media is justifying our deaths. And Antifa just got a gold stamp of approval to do whatever they want with no repercussions.

Katrina Redelsheimer | UC Berkeley Lawsuit | 27Crows Radio

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In This Episode We Discuss:

– 1:12 A brief overview of Katrina’s experience
– 11:10 The long road to recovery
– 13:43 The decision to sue
– 16:59 How police handled the event
– 20:45 How security was lacking
– 25:45 Individual arrests
– 28:43 How UC Berkeley faculty was complicit
– 34:32 How this case will set a precedence
– 37:25 How the media plays games
– 39:41 Advice for others who go to these events

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There’s one question here that must be asked. What is a Nazi according to liberals now? Ask and you’ll get an answer that will frighten you. A Nazi is anyone who disagrees with them.

Screenshot (65)

It’s always been the goal of Antifa to create violence and chaos. That’s why they were created decades before these idiot millennials went to university and got brainwashed by their Marxist professors into thinking their ideas regarding society and culture are unique.


Where Antifa goes, violence inevitably follows. They will do whatever necessary to smear anyone who disagrees with their world as a Nazi. As inhuman. As unworthy of existing. These people don’t differentiate between slightly right of center or libertarian.

Don’t like immigration? You’re a Nazi. Don’t like globalism? You’re a Nazi. Believe in racial differences? You’re a Nazi. Believe in traditionalism? You’re a Nazi. Believe that borders should be enforced? You’re a Nazi. Believe there are only two genders? You’re a Nazi. 

Our enemies don’t see a difference between someone who is mildly pro gun and the guy in the woods who hoards them. Anyone not on board with their world view is a Nazi, and therefore worthy of violence.

Earlier this week a man was stabbed because he had a haircut that’s loosely associated with the Alt Right. If that doesn’t tell you something, nothing will. 



Katie McHugh’s Betrayal

The Alt Right stood up for Katie McHugh when she was fired from Breitbart for saying Muslims should be repatriated out of the United Kingdom. Even I did. Then she pulls a stunt like this.

In 48 hours, Richard Spencer got results NPR struggled for years to achieve.

We had Google on the run. I listen to NPR closely, and they went from being on defensive about James Damore’s heroic truth-telling to salivating over “domestic right-wing terrorism” after the Charlottesville death toll.

If we thought HeilGate was bad, just wait until the fatal, fiery helicopter crashes happen.

Richard Spencer has a kill count now and blood on his hands. Eric Clanton couldn’t kill a free speech supporter with a bike lock but a Spencer-organizer rally can kill a couple cops. Will Spencer’s fanboys will love him more than ever, especially because he has a kill count? Spencer: Three / Antifa: Zero!

One can just hear them now: “They already call us Nazis, so why not identify as Nazis?” “They already call us murderers complicit in white supremacy, so why not try to murder some leftists?”

At least the “white sharia” meme is working: They have a Car of Peace now.

Spencer is “not responsible,” but, of course, he is completely responsible: Both because he knew that something like this is exactly what would happen and because the entire media is going to treat him as responsible (which, of course, he knew was going to happen).

I’m pleased to say I didn’t attend the rally so I didn’t have to wash the blood off my hands and wring it out from my soul.

And who the hell invited David Duke?

However bad I thought the day would be, it multiplied by several magnitudes with the helicopter crash.

The Alt-Right constantly talks about “helicopter rides,” but at the rate Spencer and the other so-called leaders are going, there won’t be any helicopters left to give free rides by the time they achieve their “Alt-Right victory.”

The only word I can think of is calamitous. Nothing gets normal conservatives angrier than dead cops.

But don’t worry, the Alt-Right has turned itself around 360 degrees. They have returned to hating cops, just as they did when they were libertarians. And once a libertarian, always a libertarian. “F*ck da police!” screams the Alt-Right/BLM alliance after Charlottesville. They have a common enemy now: Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!

I was especially amused by Spencer tweeting to his followers to “disperse” and run away… Such leadership!

Baked Alaska may suffer permanent eye damage from getting bear-maced. Why isn’t Spencer paying for all of his medical bills? And why isn’t he writing a check for the funeral costs of the dead cops in the helicopter crash?

Spencer doesn’t care about “his people.” He talks abstractly about “dispossession” but leads individual Americans who love their country and care about their race into terrible traps.

As a “brand,” the Alt-Right was irreparably damaged by HeilGate, but now it is dead and Spencer killed it, deliberately killed it, with malice of forethought.

Not only that: The mainstream conservative movement was just coming around to the view that the SPLC is a hoax. That narrative may be off the table now. Spencer should demand a 10 percent finder’s fee on all SPLC donations.

There are other problems to address.

Terminal Dilettante Syndrome is unacceptable if one wants to lead a “revolutionary” movement.

Sam Francis’ magnum opus Leviathan and Its Enemies is only available through third-party sellers, routing money around any Alt-Right outlet and funneling into the pockets of at best non-entities and at worst into the pockets of Democratic Party donors.

The last article posted on the Radix website dates from March 21, 2017. The online magazine appears to have folded without so much as a goodbye note.

How derelict is the NPI website? Click on “Events” and you are taken to a webpage that says “Buy This Domain.”

Spencer didn’t do the paperwork to keep NPI’s tax-exempt status. The NPI Events domain is up for sale. Leviathan is out of print and not available on Kindle. Radix, which regularly published Gregory Hood, the most eloquent and incisive writer since Sam Francis, is essentially defunct, a ghost town. is gone along with many crucial articles written during the Obama era.

Spencer’s stunt also forced Trump’s allies to disavow him. Matt Drudge ran a banner headline: “MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN!” Trump’s biggest media booster besides Breitbart during the primaries has turned against him. “RACE STORM” is Drudge’s Sunday banner. On Sunday the White House was forced to condemn “white supremacists.” Trump has to return to D.C. to say “racism is evil.”

Bannon stuck his neck out and praised the “alt-right,” and how is he rewarded? With dead, burning bodies—and even worse, attention whores.

Bannon is a hard sell and after Charlottesville, that sell just got harder.

One would hard-pressed to think of better optics for the jubilant Left.

Napoleon once said never interrupt your enemy as he is making a mistake. The lying media loves it when Spencer acts as their dancing monkey. The terrifically embarrassing “press conference” he conducted today simply confirmed Spencer loves the trickle-down media whores’ attention more than anything. Spencer is not a stupid man but he certainly can act like one.

Let’s return to why it was so urgent to remove Confederate memorial statues: Dylann Roof, his manifesto and his Kill Bill-esque church massacre. After Charlottesville, this purge will surely be accelerated. Why would anyone want to keep a magnet sure to draw out-of-town lunatics—Right and Left—in their town? Why not tear them down if only to avoid another war-like clash?

And how many more innocent white people will be attacked, raped, robbed, murdered because of Spencer’s antics? Twitter is awash with “kill whites” hashtags and there’s a viral video of a vibrant holding a knife and hooting “white people, this is your final warning.” Now every white person is a Nazi, and the Left and its pets say you can kill anyone you call a Nazi.

More blood will be shed and when certain people meet their Maker, they will answer for it.

Here’s a white pill for those feeling down about the events a couple days ago. Charlottesville reminded us of who our enemies are. Both parties, the Republicans and Democrats are converged. Both will stab the American people in the back. Both are dedicated to an establishment that wants nothing more than to see the demographics of this country change so dramatically, that they couldn’t help but show their deck of cards. They willingly show it to us thinking it will protect them from criticism.

Anyone who was paying attention knows that the police of Charlottesville and their governor are the ones with blood on their hands, not a speaker who came to give a talk at a peaceful demonstration. I even spoke to a witness who saw police and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe laughing after the deaths that took place that day in glee of his defeat of the Alt Right. 

The Alt Right has never been violent and has never harmed a soul. We always demonstrate peacefully and defend ourselves when antifa and other brainwashed leftists come to attack us with counter protests. Which the media normalized with dehumanizing us in their “it’s okay to punch a Nazi” campaign. Then they made it okay to punch anyone on right because what is a Nazi? Well, basically anyone the left disagrees with.

For a reporter who was fired from Breitbart for telling the truth, Katie McHugh has deliberately joined ranks with those dedicated to destroying it. We must remember that.


Does Reasonable Doubt Not Exist Anymore?

Because it appears as though the court of public opinion is coming back in favor as a form of immediate conviction. At least that’s how it felt when the dumb female journalist with blond hair kept asking Spencer in his recent Periscope of the press conference to disavow the driver of the vehicle that hit the counter-protestors/Antifa rioters.

Then this…

Screenshot (57)

If the guy had been yelling Allahu Akbar, then I would have no problem jumping to conclusions. If he had blown himself up with a nail bomb, then I would have no problem jumping to conclusions. If he had pulled out a gun, then I would have no problem jumping to conclusions. But the very sudden desire for the public to convict the driver in the court of public opinion in this instance frightens me.

Of course, we don’t have all the information and we should wait for more. But as the MSM’s narrative continues to fall apart, we need to continue holding them accountable for knowingly putting people in danger with their lies.

When asking people to wait for more evidence is the radical opinion after reasonable doubt has been provided (and there wasn’t a suicide bombing involved to make things obvious), you know you’re living in scary times.

Baked Alaska In ER

Baked Alaska is seriously hurt from the bear mace that was sprayed in his eyes yesterday. A man ripped off his sunglasses to spray him.

Baked Alaska™‏
 @bakedalaska 3h
Had to go to the hospital, eyes still in extreme pain and oozing. Vision very blurry thank you all for the continued prayers.

Baked Alaska™‏
 @bakedalaska 42m
Hospital has sent me to the ER, I was told there’s a large possibility I’ll have permanent eye damage. Keep me in your prayers thank you fam

Everyone who goes to a protest or rally knows there are certain risks involved. But think of the game change we’re experiencing. I never heard of women or men getting maced by leftists at rallies or protests until Trump’s run for president. Or of someone punching a horse. Remember that one? This is what the left has done to what was once peaceful demonstrations. 

Don’t say they should have expected it. You can say they should be better prepared or apprehensive. But don’t ever be so smug as to say, “well, they should have known that would happen.” It normalizes the fact that these protests have taken a turn to violence that wasn’t commonplace not even a couple decades ago.