Tiana Dalichov Doxxed

TD….by who? I’m 90% certain that I know the two parties involved that sold her out to the left wing media, but I can’t say much more than that at this time.

My co-host of On the Write was the victim of a hit piece by (((Rebecca Klein))) of the Huffington Post. A “reporter” with radically anti-white positions.

We knew this was coming beforehand and suspected the scale might be very large. 

I made our show private on all my platforms for the time being for her protection. I don’t know if or when it will be back.

Tiana is doing ok and is continuing to fight. She is loved by her students and has a strong spirit. All the left does when they do this is create another warrior. Not that she wasn’t already. She has always been strong and willing to take to the battlefield. But now, she’s only going to get stronger. 

She has requested privacy at this time, otherwise I would be making videos and trying to gather more support. But the sensitivity of the situation requires that I don’t for the time being.

Hail Tiana!


7 thoughts on “Tiana Dalichov Doxxed

  1. bill ck

    I love “On the Write” and I am saddened by this turn of events. It is unfortunate that people discussing THEIR own viewpont always have to deal with those of a “higher moral standing”, a moral (amoral is actually proper here) height achieved by standing on the piled cow dung of megalomaniacal narcissism. There are two types of people on this Earth, those that live by “the ends justify using any means” (people IS used loosely for this group), and those that understand “a means (applied equally FOR everyone) leads to a justified outcome”. To vilify, degrade, and dehumanize someone you disagree with is a leftie tactic that is first in the handbook.

  2. Hi Bre,

    Since she’s unemployed, would you be able to hold a “Book Bomb” for her? I don’t know if you’ve heard of that, but authors like Larry Correia (of Sad Puppies fame) holds those for authors that are new.

    It works like this: We all buy one of Tiana’s books all at once on the same day. This pushes it up in Amazon’s ranking and gets more eyes on it. Plus, I’m sure Tiana could use the financial support.

    Thanks, and please send her my best!

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