Charlottesville Tarps Removed

It’s a step in the right direction, but I still think those statues will come down if the left has its way.

A judge in Virginia has ordered the city of Charlottesville to remove the black shrouds that were installed over two Confederate monuments after a white nationalist rally last summer.

Local news outlets report Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Richard Moore gave the city 15 days from the time an official order is signed to remove the tarps.

They currently cover statues of Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. The tarps have been removed several times since being put up in August as a sign of the city’s mourning of the deadly violence at the August rally.

Moore’s decision came during a hearing in a lawsuit against the city, which is seeking to remove the monuments.

The city said in a statement that it is disappointed by the ruling but will respect the court’s decision.

Disappointed that tarps have to be taken down? Really? Find something new to complain about. One would think these people have better things to occupy their time and thoughts than worrying about a statue being offensive due to a state of society that was ended over 100 years ago.

One thought on “Charlottesville Tarps Removed

  1. bill ck

    It is almost a shame that there are not more of what I call “Darwinian survival moments”, than there are. But then we of the ancestry with the melanin deficiency developed in higher latitudes, would be constantly saving them from their own follies (they wil NOT reciprocate by the way). History is important, truthful history is more important, if you forget that your finger was bitten of when you stuck it in a lion’s cage, you might be tempted to do it again. They will not be appeased until the reverse situation is extant, ala South Africa and the white Farmers scenario. These idiots do NOT understand that it is impossible to correct PAST injustice, especially by creating a CURRENT injustice.

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