Booted from Discord

Screenshot (165)This is my first time being booted from an entire platform. But I imagine it won’t be the last.

Free speech is dead. Freedom of association is dead. And this won’t be the last. Mass deplatforming is the new censorship in a country where people are punished for wrong think not by being persecuted, but by being silenced from the Internet.

7 thoughts on “Booted from Discord

  1. glenn goodman

    Damn. Discord is mainly gamers. I can only imagine their salty language and topics going on there! I thought it was more like a 4chan/8chan sort of site, but for gamers, on the wild frontier of the internet.


  2. bill ck

    It is actually a badge of honor, you should feel the same glow of pride in doing a good job, as I do when I can make a tele marketer hang up first. It is a work that must be undertaken, to expose censorship in communication is the only thing that will hasten their demise, and give rise to platforms where ideals and facts are equal to complaints and lies. To counter a position or viewpoint by silencing it, only shows the weakness of that particular stance it is opposed to.

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