AmRen Suing Twitter

Jared Taylor’s organization, American Renaissance, is suing Twitter for their unlawful censorship and banning of his account. In December, Jared Taylor and American Renaissance were banned from Twitter for the sin of having opinions they didn’t like. 

When the Founding Fathers of the U.S. put freedom of speech in the Constitution, they were most fearful of government censorship and government driven persecution. We don’t live in a world anymore where the government directly censors people. Now, it’s corporations and establishments such as academia that censor people and fire them for having opinions that are even slightly right of center. This is the new battleground. Not tyranny driven by government forces, but corporate businesses and organizations such as Google that routinely censor and punish those who dare act against the prevailing group think mentality surrounding social justice. 

This week James Damore was told by a court of law that Google had the right to fire him because he sent a memo declaring, dare I say, that men and women are indeed different and diversity isn’t always the best thing in the world. The tentacles of corporate interests have infiltrated into our judicial system and will sink their teeth as deeps as they can while the carcass of social justice popularity dies a slow death. If Jared Taylor wins this case, it will be a landmark in the fight against large corporations that have been ruling over us for far too long.

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