Law & Order SVU Justifies Assault on Identitarians

The screenwriters for ‘Law & Order SVU” made an episode featuring a look-a-like conservative Ann Coulter who goes to a college campus to speak. Antifa attacks her, rapes her, then is acquitted for the crimes because the judge “can’t trust” the testimony of horrible identitarians because the right is just that evil.

We already know that the judicial system is completely against us. It’s not difficult to see after Charlottesville and the injustices done to Katrina Redelsheimer and her husband at UC Berkeley. But now Hollywood/media/television is telling audiences across the country that it’s okay to assault identitarians and you’ll get off, because they must be stopped at all costs. No matter what antifa has to do.

Yes, we’re at that point. The media is justifying our deaths. And Antifa just got a gold stamp of approval to do whatever they want with no repercussions.

2 thoughts on “Law & Order SVU Justifies Assault on Identitarians

  1. It’s important to understand WHY so many, including the academic, political and media establishment, who of course, the many tend to follow, are against us, especially given that most are not bad people in themselves. They hate us, because they genuine believe that we are evil, or that our ideas are.

    Jews tend to hate us, because they associate white identity with white supremacism and Nazism. They were badly traumatised (now trans-generationally) by Nazi persecution and the Holocaust, and we really do need to keep that in mind, rather than antagonise the situation by returning their hatred with antisemitism. Before the Holocaust, most Ashkenazi Jews had a very positive attitude towards their fellow Europeans, especially in Germany. 10,000 German Jews died fighting for their fatherland in WW1, against fellow Jews fighting for Russia and the western allies.

    Jews are a special case and we should accept, rather than resent that. We should also accept them – at least, Ashkenazi Jews – as white and belonging to our own race. Firstly, because its the truth, and secondly, because they would be great allies to have on our side.

    Why do so many non-Jewish whites hate us? Because the STATE has brainwashed them into doing so. It is the state that really fears and hates us, i.e. those who who strongly identify with it, because we undermine its claim to nationhood, which it uses to legitimise itself, its elites and the immense power they wield and abuse.

    Their hatred for us is real, but misconceived. We will never defeat them by reciprocating their hatred for us, because they have the state on their side. All we can do is win them over, one by one, to our side, by convincing them that it is the better side.

    What we all need to realise is that our common enemy is the state itself, which is not the nation it deceitfully poses as, but a mercenary “patron state” dedicated to facilitating society’s self-exploitation to the personal advantage of its elites and favoured (especially wealthy and academic) clients, at the expense, and ultimate self-destruction, of society at large.

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