Lana Lokteff Knocks It Out of the Park. Again.

Feminists are tearing each other apart because white women aren’t feminist enough for their POC counterparts. And I’m loving every minute of it.

But I’m quite certain that once these black feminists get the power they so desire they’ll still believe in equality and they’ll give the microphone back to white women once they’re done, right?

Ha! Ask the whites in South Africa how “handing over power” is working out for them. But no one asks about the END result of Apartheid. My mistake.

One thought on “Lana Lokteff Knocks It Out of the Park. Again.

  1. bill ck

    Contrary to popular belief, the whites did not “enslave” the blacks, that was done by other blacks and Muslims. What happened was, Europeans cruising up and down the coast of Africa on their way to some place that was not a sh!thole, were presented with a sight that anyone driving into a major city sees alongside the highway into town, a huge car lot with “gigantic bargains”. My ancestors being Dutch, they picked up some bargains. It was their own kind and Muslims that beat them into submission, and while it is horrible, being sold to a European was better than sold to the interior (men castrated, women as sex slaves, and all worked to death).

    The problem, and it really aggravates the “intersectional”, is that white feminists, not the marching, pu$$yhat feminists, and whites in general, do not give a flying intercourse at a rotating pastry, about some one else’s labels. They do not stick because indifference gives them nothing to stick TO. Not caring about a group’s opinion is profoundly annoying to people claiming to be slighted in some way, and they will not achieve Nirvana until they don’t care about other’s opinions. Interestingly enough, they were all granted “equality” (by law), they just don’t believe it, yet. They are so focused on what others think of them, they cannot see that what is important, is what you think of yourself.

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