2 thoughts on “Mark Collett’s Latest Powerful Podcast

  1. bill ck

    I might also be biased, Bre, but your tubes, podcasts, and guests cause me to use my brain (for the reason it evolved) more than any one else. When listening to the part about the Ukrainian holodomor, I gained insight into something that I didn’t understand as well as I could.
    In one of my bouts of indulging in mindless drivel, I came across a “Voice” from around the world compilation. There was one of an early twenties girl with a stringed instrument, from Ukraine, where the judges and audience ALL stood within seconds, with a large percentage of brimming eyes. Not understanding the language, I was nonetheless impressed by the pride, solidarity, and conviction of these people, it actually made me jealous.
    In googleing more information (which I think was truncated for political purpose, maybe) it said it as an old folk song, “The Duckling Swims”, about the horrors of war. It also said that it was associated with the “day of the 100 heavenly heroes”, a protest of Russian border transgression in 2014 where protesters died. I can see from Mark talking about the holodomor that it obviously goes much deeper than that. I hunted down the full segment, and while I still don’t speak Ukrainian, the comments, reactions, and the reverence were haunting and powerful, it made me want to be Ukrainian.
    So thank you Bre, for giving me even more to ponder in my dotage.

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