Alt Right 101 | Red Pilling Loved Ones | #10

Video Version:


Audio Version available HERE

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:19 What is the red pill in general and how we came around to it?
  • 9:43 How Mark was red pilled on race
  • 14:45 How public schools & the media avoid giving both perspectives
  • 21:21 Noting who can be red pilled and how
  • 23:28 How our surroundings provide distractions
  • 28:05 Who isn’t worth red pilling?
  • 30:22 Moving people with emotional arguments
  • 34:34 The risks involved with social alienation
  • 41:34 What are the easiest red pills to swallow?
  • 57:10 How to build communities outside of politics?

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One thought on “Alt Right 101 | Red Pilling Loved Ones | #10

  1. Excellent Podcast! Bre must say you are very talented presenter!

    I wanted to ask you what are some tips to be a good speaker? Presenter? YouTuber? or plan conversations??

    Also I am non white but wanted to ask you Europe has Generation Identitaire and America has it’s own groups but what does Canada have? Any ideas on Canadian Groups?

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