Celebrities Leave Sanity Behind

I do enjoy an occasional Mark Dice video. He puts himself out there and gives some comic relief when it comes to the left. Particularly when Oprah claims older white people(although it wasn’t explicitly said we know what she meant) have to die due to their prejudice and racism.

If Oprah does run for president, I hope this becomes the meme that rules the Internet.

Now if only Mark Dice would realize that it IS a war against whites. Not just some crazed liberals talking about silly identity politics. I guess there’s still time.

One thought on “Celebrities Leave Sanity Behind

  1. bill ck

    I particularly enjoy when the greatest bigots of someone else’s point of view, always turn out to be the ones that claim the most compassion for others. The Presidents daughter merely agreed with Oafrah, and they came out of the woodwork to call her “everything but a white woman” (old expression describing being insulted). I was married to a redhead, and when your wife reaches the level outrage the these celebs have, it is time for a three month vacation alone, and when you get home, you put your hat on a fishing pole to put through the door first (she might have figured out the combination to the gun safe).

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