One thought on “Female Police Officer Lynched in Paris Ghetto – by Mark Collett

  1. bill ck

    It is really hard to be ENRAGED, sickened, heartbroken, and sadly resigned that this will happen much more before Europe wakes the eff up. Poland and Hungary have it right, President Trump has it right, and the Right has it right. Videos and reports that have avoided censorship show the majority of Muslim “refugees” as males of fighting age. If you are so stupid as to fail to recognize an invading army when you see one coming, you will not be able to avoid seeing it after it gets here. The escalation of tools the police need for crowd control has gone from, batons to pistols to automatic weapons to, now they need flame throwers, and I would be OK with that.

    I have maintained for years the Muslim “wave of refugees” is in reality an invasion, females and prepubescent children are refugees, ALL others need to be turned around given a gun and one bullet and told to fight for their own country. If this is not done, there is only one outcome, your wives, sisters, and daughters will be enslaved and forced to bear Muslim babies, your husbands, brothers, and sons will enslaved, castrated, killed or forced to build Mosques.

    The only law that cannot (and will not under any circumstances) be violated can be observed in action by going to the National Geographic channel, watch a pride of lions take down a Cape buffalo (for lunch). Are you going to be a lion (in terms of fighting back, NOT joining, if that is not clear from my tone) or a buffalo when the lions show up on your doorstep?

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