At 5:04, the traitorous MP Yvette Cooper claims that alternative news media outlet for the alternative right be completely shut down simply because it was under “recommended” material. 

Earlier in the clip, MPs claim that they are never traitors to their people, they are never enemies of the states, and they can never be judged on the way they vote because it is always in service to their people. In other words, if the people can’t play nice and be the perfect image of acceptance regardless of the outcome or effects of Parliament’s decisions, they will be made to. Alternative opinions will be shut out because they are deemed unfriendly or unkind. And the will of the people is only that which MPs deem appropriate. 

Social media platforms are working harder and harder every day to make sure people of various countries don’t have alternative opinions other than those they are being forced to see. Earlier this month, Millennial Woes conducted a debate with Sargon of Akkad on YouTube, in which Woes masterfully danced circles around Sargon’s weak civic nationalist and individualist arguments. It has since been banned in the EU. It may be a matter of time before Red Ice TV, a fantastic and informative alternative media resource for the right, is banned in countries where these alternative viewpoints are needed the most. 



  1. bill ck

    To be censored and shut down by the MP’s is a badge of honor, I live in a country that has laws protecting free speech (less so every day), and the persecution of Red Ice just shows the value of those laws. This ideal of being able to speak your mind deserves the highest levels of protection and promotion, worldwide. There needs to be a new iteration of “Paul Revere’s Ride” with the Islamist invasion being the warning.

  2. Germany new hate speech laws on 01.01.2018 … Englands police just tweetet they are coming for people commenting negatively on the rotherham cases … Sweden is working on same I believe …

    Truth hurts … somewhere!

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