Alt Right 101 | Islamic Grooming | #8

Video Version:

Audio Version available on Spreaker.

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:34 What is grooming?
  • 6:45 How the grooming relationships change over time
  • 9:02 How young white girls are targeted
  • 13:10 The Islamic mindset when it comes to European women and other non-believers
  • 16:33 The fallacy of polygamous relationships within Islam
  • 20:02 Demographics as modern warfare
  • 21:41 How UK father responded to the crisis
  • 26:41 The consequences of white guilt
  • 29:52 How the media is complicit
  • 32:35 How the police do the bidding of the state
  • 38:16 How the Muslims hold the power in communities
  • 42:28 Hate speech laws running amuck in the UK
  • 47:15 How we can fight back

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2 thoughts on “Alt Right 101 | Islamic Grooming | #8

  1. nice to see our defense minister sit there and speak our great bi-lingual language today at the press meeting,to buy a bunch of out dated fighters.oh wait he Didn’t his sidekick did.not one peep of French!

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