Anti-White Publishers

Traditional publishing is an industry to be mocked and avoided. If you want to buy a book, do it at a used book store, used on Amazon, or use your local library. Do not give your money to those who call the white race “hideously white.”

Insert any other race in there and people would be appalled. But dispossessing whites of every industry that they created to begin with is considered something to celebrate. Any white company or organization is considered white supremacy for the mere reason that it’s white who own it or make up the majority. No other race is held to this standard. And any author who is white and yet doesn’t write diversely, or commits the crime of “doing it wrong,” will suffer an onslaught of slander from the left if they choose traditional publishing.


One thought on “Anti-White Publishers

  1. The traditional publishers are getting their comeuppance: They’re losing business to indie writers like us who tell good stories without bothering themselves over what’s politically correct. They’ll learn or they’ll go under.

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