Alt Right 101 | The Beauty in Health & Fitness | #7

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Audio Version Available on Spreaker.

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:37 Why the Alt Right cares about physical aesthetics
  • 3:56 How the left attacks excellence
  • 9:34 How women are shamed for striving for beauty and fitness
  • 17:57 How we prop up the unhealthy and unfit as icons and idols
  • 25:34 Some statistics on anorexia vs obesity
  • 34:51 Is allowing children to become obese child abuse?
  • 37:09 Male beauty standards
  • 42:26 Survival of the fittest as a historical strategy
  • 46:18 Bre’s tips for health and fitness
  • 48:31 Mark’s tips for health and fitnes
  • 51:32 Various tips and tricks
  • 1:00:01 Foregoing short term pleasure for long term goals

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2 thoughts on “Alt Right 101 | The Beauty in Health & Fitness | #7

  1. Bre, I appreciate Mark Collet’s contributions but I would like to ask a question: would you like (i.e. have liked) a guy like him as father. Recently he explained his view on spanking. So: would you have liked that as a child? Sorry to say but to me, it comes across…. autistic. A rigidity which seems to be the effect of some lack of empathy, yes, heartlessness. Yes, an autist who is insufficiently able to feel with others. Again, I´m actually glad about his contributions to the WN cause… but frankly… he never came across as likeable to me (in order to avoid saying, actually unlikeable). I don´t appreciate having children treated with heartlessness… that´s not a final assessment of the question of discipline. So I wonder how you feel about it. You cooparate much with him recently. I appreciate his contributions… but as a representative… this is not a winning proposition… sorry to say so.

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