Back to blogging

Sometimes I want to do fancy live streams that play videos that I can talk about with cool transition effects.

Then I remember that I already do one live show currently with “This Week on the Alt Right”. One is plenty.

Sometimes I want to buy fancy recording equipment like VMix, and Cubase, and then build a super nice studio like Red Ice has.

Then I look at my budget and recall that I have bills to pay, Christmas only a few weeks away, and a little dog to feed.

Sometimes I want to blog every single day and pour my thoughts out there.

Then I remember it’s the internet. Keep some things to yourself. This ain’t a diary.

Sometimes I get really crappy at blogging because I truly try to do too many things and forget that I’m a one woman show who does this as a hobby, not a living.

Then I remember that even if I fall off the wagon in one regard or another, I still put more effort into things than many people.

That is all.

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