The Lawn Gnome | The Fall of Hollywood

Video Version:

Audio version on Spreaker.

Backup Version:

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:55 Steve’s YouTube & film journey
  • 4:14 Should we learn to separate the art from the artist?
  • 12:19 Film critics vs. public opinion
  • 13:40 Marvel vs. DC
  • 19:00 The recent Hollywood scandals
  • 24:55 The case for Tim Allen
  • 26:50 Shunning the wrong-doers
  • 30:07 Where were the parents?
  • 30:40 How it influences young Hollywood stars
  • 39:58 Indie films and how they’re surging
  • 42:38 Is there room for creativity in Hollywood?
  • 44:54 What’s important about a film?
  • 45:45 The state of modern stand-up comedy
  • 48:48 The rampant substance abuse
  • 54:14 The Lawn Gnome’s top five movies

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