Alt Right 101 | The LGBT Agenda | #4

Video Version:


Audio Version can be found on Spreaker.

Backup Audio:

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:42 An introduction to the topic
  • 3:50 How LGBT rights is presented by the left vs how they behave
  • 9:25 How the LGBT community is used as a weapon
  • 12:29 Science suppressed by the pink mafia
  • 16:18 Sexualization of pre-pubescent children
  • 26:30 The slippery slope of normalizing the unthinkable
  • 30:44 The pedophilia/molestation connection
  • 37:25 The attack on the traditional family unit
  • 46:32 The trickle effects of the LGBT agenda
  • 52:23 Red Cross case study

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