On the Write | YA Twitter Strikes Again | #2

On the Write | YA Twitter Strikes Again | #2

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  1. As a fellow writer (and conservative), the SJW curb on the publishing world has always deeply disturbed me, but oh well, what’s one to do? It would be nice, as Tiana pointed out, to be a part of that world, but the politics there are beyond ridiculous. Self-publishing does seem to be the way of the future for writers of the right.

    Personally, I like self-publishing, as I feel that it injects some of the badly needed essence of the free market and of capitalism back into the world of publishing that has been dominated by one group’s twisted (and failed) political ideology for the longest time. If one chooses to self-publish, the success (or failure) of their work resides completely in their own hands, and the future with it is bound only by our imaginations.

    Excellent video, as always!

    And sorry for rambling on.

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