Steven Franssen | Make Self Knowledge Great Again

Video Version:

Audio version is available on Spreaker.

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:05 Steve’s political awakening
  • 5:50 How Steve discovered the Alt Right
  • 11:27 Steven’s interest in writing
  • 16:58 The journey to self-knowledge
  • 21:55 How young people in the Alt Right can use self-knowledge
  • 22:30 Carl Jung’s theory of the inner child
  • 24:00 Self-knowledge in practice
  • 25:45 The future of the Alt Right
  • 29:20 How the GOP is always on the defense
  • 32:02 Learning your audience’s perception of you
  • 35:07 The attacks on masculinity in reality and pop culture
  • 40:00 What is true masculinity?
  • 43:45 Steven’s writing process
  • 51:10 How insert lessons and principles into literature


– “If you sit and feel your feelings and have a dialogue with yourself, you start to come up with some interestingg tidbits that really help you with your life. I think a lot of people want easy answers. And self-knowledge is like exercising a muscle. It’s a discipline.”
– “A lot of young guys have been dispossessed of their society. This is America. Aren’t we the inheritors of America? What happened? What happened along the way? People get into history and start to understand this (self knowledge), and you can do this on a personal level too. It will make you a much more effective advocate for identitarianism, philosophy, whatever it is that you want to do, because you’ll take out the neurosis.”
– “True masculinity is about pioneering. It’s about adventuring. It’s about exploring. And yeah, there’s a bit of conquering in there. But it’s not about being a brute…feminism hijacked what masculinity means.”

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