Alt Right 101 | Immigration or Conquest? | #2

Video Version:

You can find the audio version on Spreaker.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:35 The lie of “a nation of immigrations” in the USA vs UK
  • 4:34 The purpose of mass immigration
  • 8:58 Why racial voting patterns matter
  • 11:33 The problem with welfare and benefits as it relates to migration
  • 16:23 How the government avoids deportations in the USA and UK
  • 20:32 How mass immigration affects every day life
  • 25:15 Third world immigration equals third world problems
  • 28:07 Financial incentives that attract immigrants
  • 33:42 How foreign cultures do not share Western values
  • 36:40 Islamic property manipulation in the UK
  • 39:16 Magic dirt theory
  • 45:22 Emotional manipulation regarding integration
  • 50:58 How the media, police, and politicians hide immigrant crime


  • “The goal of mass migration is to replace the European. It is to get rid of us. It is to destroy us. Because ultimately, we are the only people who will ever have what it takes to stand up to the insidious globalist internationalists who wish to rule over us.”
  • “It’s just a matter of time before they attempt to make things that are not normal for the West, things such as polygamy, or female genital mutilation, normalized for religious reasons. I’ve traveled to the Middle East and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not reciprocate the values that you give to them.”
  • “UK law actually favors immigrants. But it not only favors immigrants but it (the law) invites them to come here. It’s something that entices them to come here. Because when they come here, they not only know that they’re gonna get benefits, not only do they know that they’re going to be housed first, but it is a way that they can get on the property ladder, buy up property, and it is a way that allows them to colonize entire cities in a very short amount of time.”

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