Peter Sweden | The Gothenburg Nationalist Rally | 27Crows Radio



– 00:50 – How Peter got started with independent journalism
– 4:58 – Avoiding hate speech laws in Europe
– 7:55 – Peter’s experience at the Gothenburg rally in Sweden
– 14:13 – What can American nationalists learn from European nationalists?
– 21:28 – The brainwashing in Swedish schools
– 24:48 – Sweden is not a liberal utopia
– 29:42 – No go zones in Sweden
– 33:50 – The difference Swedish and Norwegian politics
– 36:28 – Advice for upcoming independent journalists
– 38:27 – How Hope Not Hate doxed Peter and harassed his family


– “They (the migrants/Antifa in at the Gothenberg rally) were attacking everyone. They were attacking journalists, they were attacking ordinary citizens of Gothenberg as well. This was quite extraordinary and something I had never seen before and I got it all on film.”
– “A survey from 2007 said 50% of Swedish youths believe that communist created welfare. And 90% didn’t now the evil of communism and that it killed 100 million people And 50% think that communism created wealth. It goes to show the level of brainwashing in Sweden.”
– “If they’re going to have socialism, everyone has to work and relatively few people have to be on benefits. Otherwise, it collapses. It’s economics.”
– “There’s over fifty-five no go zones in Sweden now. I’ve had experiences with these guys (the migrants) myself. I’ve been in some of these no go zones. You don’t want to go into these areas. These areas are 95+% migrants, you have loads of shootings going on.”

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