Free Speech Dead in the U.K…. Did it Ever Exist?

It suddenly makes sense why the Founding Fathers of the U.S. were so adamant over freedom of speech without exceptions. They knew what suppression of speech looked like. And it seems as though the British are getting a hardcore lesson as well.

A second Conservative councillor is being investigated by a council over anti-Muslim retweets.

A complaint has been made against Margaret Bassett over retweets that included newspaper stories about crimes committed by Muslims.

Jeff Potts was suspended last week from Solihull Council’s religious education committee over a similar allegation.

Miss Bassett, the councillor for Silhill ward, Solihull, says she is the subject of a “witch hunt”.

The councillor’s retweets include a reply from a Twitter user to former EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

It showed a picture of London mayor Sadiq Khan with the text, “defiant London Mayor proclaims we will not be defeated! World starting to wonder – who does he mean by we?”

In another post she retweeted a map of crimes apparently committed by migrants in Germany.

Speaking to BBC WM, Miss Bassett said: “The insinuation that I hold ugly views is someone trying to carry out a little witch hunt against the Conservative party locally.”

She added that she does not “necessarily agree with the sentiment” and people were “taking tweets out of context”.

Her Twitter account has now been protected and taken out of public view.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council said the complaint has been passed to the monitoring office.

It added the complaint will be dealt with “under the Code of Conduct procedure”.

West Midlands Police has confirmed it is investigating Mr Potts after receiving two race hate allegations.

Mr Potts, who represents Knowle, asked is “anybody surprised?” while retweeting negative stories about immigrants on Twitter.

Should we be surprised? No. Should we be outraged? Well, given that the left will do whatever it takes to win elections, including try to lock up the most threatened opponents, no. Should be be adamant about free speech regardless of whether or not it’s speech that we like? Yes.

Here’s the key to free speech. Have a better argument than your opponent. But the left doesn’t. Their game is crumbling, and they know it. They have no other choice but to use cheating as a method to win. And this is their way of doing so. This is also why people in the Alt Right are fed up with conservatives. The left cheats, and then conservatives act as though, “well, we played with honor.” Um… no. Hell no. If you’re headed into a gun fight, bring a the same gun the enemy is bringing. Even if it’s a bazooka. That’s the only way battle can be fought. 

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  1. The British “unwritten constitution,” which is largely based on Magna Carta and the Petition of Right, has never held freedom of expression to be an absolute. John Peter Zenger, a journalist operating in New York City in 1734, was prosecuted under English law for criticizing New York’s English colonial governor. I can’t be sure it was one of the elements that fueled revolutionary sentiment…but neither can I be sure that it wasn’t.

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