Football is male land

Oh boy, a former football player acknowledged gender roles and stated the obvious. The SJWs are gonna be all over this one. Not that they watch football, but you know… the nerve!

Former Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman John Moffitt said Sunday he thinks women are incapable of knowing about football and that they should stay out of “male spaces.”

It comes days after Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was criticized for saying he thought it was “funny” that a female reporter was asking about wide receiver routes.

When Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked Newton on Wednesday about wide receiver Devin Funchess’ route running, Newton smiled and said, “it’s funny to hear a female talk about routes. It’s funny.”

“Women don’t know football- most guys barely do. Stop coming into male spaces and demanding respect.. guys care about the substance of things not the appearance. Just because networks like a sexy sideline reporter for you to look at doesn’t mean cam is sexist for questioning the authenticity of her game knowledge- he was laughing because she was fed that question like most of her kind are. If women are so knowledgeable with a game they can’t play let them do play by play or color commentary.. but no, and women don’t even see that it’s not cam but the network that’s sexist, or just can’t lie about the truth. Women don’t really know the game- they are incapable. Yet in this society where a women can do anything a man can do and men can do nothing this is a rock and a hard place. Personally, I thought it was funny too!”

I’ve watched a few games. Took a mild interest in learning how the game works. Then lost interest. You might meet the occasional woman who knows a few stats, but come on! It’s a man’s world. As it damn well should be. I don’t want to be apart of it, and I don’t take offense to men saying I shouldn’t be. They’re right. And I don’t care one tiny bit. Much like how watching men at makeup counters makes me uncomfortable… even if they’re gay. It’s just weird! That’s ladies land. Stay out!

Then as I became racially aware there was no enjoying the game even from a distance as I came to realize that many of the players are thugs with criminal records. Even in college football. Not a good look. Which oddly enough makes them a better recruit. But now that a white male has stirred the gender roles pot yet again… let’s pop a bag of popcorn and pray he doesn’t cuck.

John, whatever you do…. DON’T CUCK!


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  1. Bre: I heard Cam Newton’s comment stating that he thought it was “funny” that a female reporter was asking about wide receiver routes. Cam went on to say, of the wide receiver, “He want [sic] this game extremely bad.”

    After hearing that, I wrote the following:

    Yeah, you know what’s also funny? A college graduate who doesn’t understand noun-verb agreement or singular vs. plural.

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  3. Excpet the reporter mentioned, Beth Mowins has been doing play by plays for college football for TEN YEARS. She’s not a newbie with nice tits Women don’t know football my ass. What about the male announcers who’ve never played the sports they comment on.

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