Bourdain Politicizes FOOD.

Keep in mind that this particular chef claimed in one of his TV shows that the world will never know a true utopia or peace until the whites race is bred out of existence. At least he shows his cards.

How vocal celebrities should be about their political views has been up for debate for some time now, and even more so since the election. When they do speak out, it often results in push-back from critics who tell actors, models, and even chefs to “stay in their lane.” But if you ask Anthony Bourdain, he has a simple response to those who wish he’d stay silent: “F*** that.”

In a TimesTalk event hosted by the New York Times and the New School, Bourdain spoke about his upcoming documentary, “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste.” The film educates viewers on the issue of food waste in this country, and how we can individually make changes that will add up (Step one: Pick the ugly tomato).

During the talk, Bourdain said not wasting food is a “moral imperative,” which led the moderator to bring up José Andrés’ recent efforts in Puerto Rico and Tom Colicchio’s lobbying work as political acts. Bourdain didn’t mince words when it came to a response:

“F*** that. There is nothing, look, is there anything on this planet more political than food? No there is not. Who eats? Who doesn’t eat? Who is cooking? Who’s eating?”
Why are we eating the things that we eat? What got us to this point where we are eating a lot of pickles or dried and preserved food? What does this tell us about, you know, ourselves? … Who is picking the produce? Who is cutting the meat? Who is shipping the meat? Who is putting it in the boxes? So every time I hear that online, and I hear it a lot, you know, ‘Stick with food, man. Stop talking about politics.'”

As he points out, food is inherently political, especially in the context of food waste, conservation, and food insecurity. And since food is, you know, needed for survival and all that, it’s probably a topic of conversation that shouldn’t be silenced.

Bourdain is now politicizing food. I refuse to watch his show, which way back when he visited some cool countries and tried foods that made my mouth water. But no more. Can’t . He’s repulsive. And he can’t stay married, which I think says a lot about a man. Once you start watching his shows and see what a dick he is, you start to realize why.

Back on topic… His anti-white attitude is more than I can handle. I support his right to say what he pleases. And sometimes I prefer anti-whites to show their anti-whiteness. It helps people like myself create a stronger argument against them.

But food? Now we’ve politicizing FOOD? I want my steak without a dose of politics, thank you!

This is the world we live in now. You can’t even visit a restaurant without being force fed a hefty dose of politics. And unless Bourdain is willing to give over 50% of his salary and half of what he cooks in a restaurant to the poor in the back alley each night once the kitchen closes, I can’t take his politicizing food seriously.

Steak for dinner tonight. Without a dose of politics. Some things are sacred! I realize lots of families discuss these things at the dinner table. But only if they want to. And if chefs will force their opinions down our throat, then they can expect the same reaction from their customers that Hollywood movie stars are getting. Empty seats.

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