Cville 3.0

As I type this, Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and members of Identity Europa are in Charlottesville speaking up for the Alt Right and against the demographic winter happening in the West.

I know many of us were depressed after CVille 2.0. But let it be known that we will always come back. Identitarian, Alt Right, white nationalist, white activists, white advocates, whatever the hell you want to call our movement… we will continue to grow and continue to thrive. Recent surveys have shown that 8% of the public supports our cause. And that’s only the people who were willing to admit it to another person. Once a movement gathers 10% support from a population, you start to see it explode. I have no doubt that we will continue to be a force in this nation as long as anti-white rhetoric continues in our schools, in the work place, in national policy, and in our streets.

Don’t like tiki torch lit marches? Think they’re too much? Well, Europeans have been doing them for a long time. Long before the Hollywood version of the KKK came about. The Nordic Resistance and nationalists in Poland have been doing them for years. One in Kiev is shown below. But when Americans do it, it’s supposedly a KKK thing? Think again. They have become an international symbol of nationalism. And I quite like the aesthetic. I hope we see more of them.




This blog has reached over 145,000 views since I started doing political commentary around this time last year. Not bad. I sometimes can’t get a blog post out every day like I used to. I wish I could be one of those people who wrote multiples a day. I tried it once, and maybe I will again one day. But quite often I find myself fishing for something to say. I don’t want to treat my blog like a Twitter feed. But I also want to maintain a steady flow of content for those days when I can’t film. Which lately has been a lot. Here’s to amending that. 

Thank you to all my regular readers. I really appreciate you taking the time to read the random words that go through my head.