Gymnastics Worlds AA Victory for Hurd

USA Gymnastics 
Due to an ankle injury during the vault warm up, Ragan Smith has withdrawn from tonight’s women’s all-around final.

Gutted. Truly gutted. I saw Ragan Smith on crutches in the USA Gymnastics live stream of the World Championships All-Around and my jaw dropped. I believe an audible “noooo,” even left my lips.

So I rooted for Morgan Hurd. Her elegant style is truly incredible. I still wanna know how she keeps those glasses on. She has no nose space for them to sit on, so the strap is obviously necessary. And kinda cute. She’s so nerdy yet elegant.

Morgan Hurd is now the World Champion. Truly happy for her. She deserved it. She’ll be in a shoe in for the next Olympics as long as she doesn’t get injured or suffer repeated mistakes. But now with the exposure on the Worlds stage, she will know what the pressure feels like.

Even though Ragan was my favorite to win, she did have a few mistakes during Qualifying. Uncharacteristic mistakes. I have no doubt that it was nerves. Here’s hoping since she’s national champion that she won’t be counted out for future world stage competitions.

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Greg Johnson | Nationalism as a Cure

Greg Johnson | Nationalism as a Cure


Audio version available on Spreaker.


1:25 How Greg found nationalism
5:28 Race realism in books and why it matters
13:10 How the welfare state plays into immigration
19:50 Changing values changes behavior
21:25 Which legislations need to change
24:13 Exporting factories to foreign nations doesn’t work
30:30 Nationalism as a political spectrum
36:11 Eastern Europe after the Iron Curtain
41:05 The middle class mind
48:55 What will it take for Europe to fight back?
53:33 Outreach and how to fight with our strengths


– “It (‘The Bell Curve’ by Charles Murray) overwhelmingly proves that IQ is the most important factor in modern civilization. And it also pretty devastatingly shows that there are biological differences between the races in terms of intelligence and therefore biological differences in terms of race and how well they’re going to do in modern western societies. And that pretty much destroys any egalitarian notion that we can have a working multi-racial society.”
– (In regard to sending jobs overseas). “Today the whole realm of the commercial class is basically the most rootless and cosmopolitan and disloyal group of people in America because they’re basically thinking of every possible way that they can dismantle the American economy for their own profit.”
– “We want a tight labor market. We want high wages. A tight labor market where there are high wages creates a middle class and it also spurs the business community towards technological progress because they’re always thinking of ways to make people more productive.”

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