Las Vegas Shooting

It’s being reported by Israeli sources that the shooter, a retirement home occupant named Stephen Paddock, had converted to Islam prior to the shooting. No word on whether or not this is true. It’s also obvious from the footage being released that the weapon used was an automatic. Regardless of what liberals like to believe, these are extremely difficult to find and obtain. Even on the black market. After every shooting the liberal media enjoys giving us an obnoxious lecture on automatic weapons and how they should be illegal. Which they already are. Kinda like saying we should make cocaine illegal. Which it already is.

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Then we have rich elitists like Richard Dawkins lecturing Americans on guns, as if he knows the first thing about guns. Or the crime stats in his own country. The man made his living by dissuading people away from religion, then ceases to realize that his focus would be better spent trying to red pill people on Islam rather than talking about gun statistics he doesn’t understand. A couple weekends ago over thirty people were killed in Chicago with guns through black on black gang violence. This is a regular occurrence there. Maybe race realism would be a better topic of conversation if you’re so worried about U.S. gun crime, eh Richard? Given that black on black crime is the majority of the gun violence in the U.S.

But ‘dem white red necks and day guns, raight?

EDIT: This image was just tweeted out by Tara McCarthy. Does this drive the point home?

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UPDATE: ISIS has claimed responsibility and says that the shooter converted to Islam months ago.