A BANNED Argument for Human Subspecies

This video was banned from YouTube, but uploaded to Bitchute.

I once had a former friend who called me up to end the friendship because I made the same claim from this video on my blog. That the human race has subspecies. We have different IQ’s, different immune systems, different brain sizes, different skeletal structures when examined by modern scientific study of genomes. But claiming such in a world driven by fanatical egalitarianism is heresy, punishable by deplatforming, firing from one’s job, public humiliation, and so forth. 

Human biodiversity is the new plate tectonics. It’s the new evolution. Both of which were controversial when they were first proposed as legitimate science. And it’s my sincere hope that one day saying you don’t believe in human biodiversity, will be held in the same regard as those who might still claim that the Earth is indeed flat.

Here’s a link to the video, narrated by Tara McCarthy.

One thought on “A BANNED Argument for Human Subspecies

  1. Facts, as John Adams has told us, are stubborn things. They can’t be wished away, nor can their effects be nullified by cluck-clucking at them or shouting down those who unearth them. People who respect reality are aware that the races differ, the sexes differ, the ethnicities differ, and the major creeds differ. And the gates of Hell will not prevail against them. But those who claim superior wisdom and virtue won’t stop trying to shut us down.

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