PhilosophiCat | How to Talk to Liberals | 27Crows Radio


In This Episode We Explore

4:25 PhilosophiCat’s journey toward nationalism
8:00 Essential European values
12:40 Immigration doesn’t promote assimilation
18:33 What is rhetoric and why should we use it when talking to liberals?
22:11 Investment in an opposing narrative
23:00 Red pilling your girlfriend
26:18 Are civic nationalists just people pleasers?
28:20 What have we lost as a culture?
31:20 What is a “slippery slope” fallacy?
32:00 Acting out past trauma in LGBT community


“I think Europeans need to look to their real history and ancestry to define themselves, rather than let our enemies define who are through media and schools.”

“Mass immigration is an obvious catastrophe. If you’re going to sell something so insane to a population you have to try to justify it somehow. I think they hijack white people’s natural inclination for empathy and altruism kind of like weaponized empathy.”

“I like to focus on how to get people to detach emotionally from their beliefs before you assail them with this entirely new narrative. Instill doubts in their mind, ask leading questions, and don’t spoon feed them conclusions. Nobody likes being told what to think. People are so much more accepting of a new ideas if they think they thought of it first.”




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