Thoughts on Moving

I’ve spent the last two weeks packing up to move. And during that time, some relatives decided it was time to move as well. So basically I’m moving twice over as I help out. As I work at packing up memories, putting them into boxes, deciding what is a necessity, what needs to go, and seeing that I like my space the more bare it gets, I got to thinking about what is truly essential to me. What items do I really need and use? The old minimalist in me was coming out.

Another part of me lamented over the fact that I don’t know where things are going. I often don’t. To be honest I’ve spent many years not knowing where I would be in six months. Working one job or another, going to get one degree, graduating, getting another job, then circumstances would change in an instant. I’ve lived in more houses than I can count. I’ve lived in another country. I’ve never lived in a single place for longer than four years. And here I am, hitting the four year mark, and I’m leaving again.

Only this time around, it’s for newer and better things. But the stress of moving puts me off of wanting to do it again. Or to at least dump half my stuff so it’s never this difficult ever again. But then maybe my judgement is skewed because I’m moving my stuff and some family stuff. It’s a lot of stuff. I’m beginning to hate stuff. There’s some stuff I need… but we live in an age where decadence means having all the stuff. Eww. Did I mention how much I hate malls? Where people go to get all the stuff?

So if anyone is wondering where the hell I’ve been… why blog posts are sporadic or why I haven’t posted a video, that’s why. I also needed a break from the drama of it all as the in fighting is making me black pilled. So stop it. We newbies need white pills to keep fighting. The in fighting does not help.

This is time to reflect is time to recharge. And time to recharge means an opportunity to hopefully come back stronger than ever. I’ll hopefully be fully moved into my new place in a week and a half. Then it’s crunch time to catch up on things.

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