Daddy Breakup?

I know we all feel one way or another about Milo. I liked him when I was Alt Lite, then I started realizing why the Alt Right didn’t like him as I became more racially aware. Making a speech about how one should ignore race and not trust those who discuss it certainly makes me irritated to say the least. Then there was the radio show scandal which we don’t need to get into.

With that being said, he’s dead on with this particular interview he gave. Regardless of how you may feel about Milo, he’s a good gateway drug for those who are curious enough to keep digging into the core issues like I was. Gorgo, the wonderful Australian Alt Right YouTuber has said the same. I ask you to listen to it. Because everything he says here is true.

If Trump goes through with DACA and signs this bullshit “white supremacist” condemnation document, his base will abandon him to the wolves on the left and warmongering neocons. And once American falls, it all will start crumbling down.

One thought on “Daddy Breakup?

  1. I agree with you Bre about Milo and the ALT Right criticism of him is reasonable but at the same time he is a good gateway drug! At the same time I am also glad he is critical of Trump and his going astray.

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