Public Enemy #4???

Apparently the media now deems me in the top 5 of “destructive and deluded women who prop up the Alt Right?”

Screenshot (102)

I was never an SJW. Not even close. Was I liberal? Yes. But I never engaged in social justice narratives by forcing a belief in egalitarianism on other people. I couldn’t even get on board with half of what other feminists believe back when I was a feminist.

But if you want to see how legit these kinds of arguments made by liberal publications are, look no further.

Screenshot (101)

Tomi Lahren “somehow doesn’t consider herself a part of the Alt Right”? Are you kidding me? She openly declared in a video that she found the peaceful rally goers who didn’t espouse white supremacy in Charlottesville as disgusting. And yet the author of this BS article proclaims her to be one of us? Tomi Lahren isn’t even Alt Lte for god’s sake. Tomi Lahren declares that she “doesn’t see color.” The Alt Right does because we’re racially conscious. Yeah… definitely not one of us.

This is why liberals lose debates. Rather than engage with you, they attack you and call you names. They know they can’t beat our arguments and if they tried, we would only bring more people over to our side. Therefore, slander, isolate and deplatform. That’s all that they know.

By the way, my podcast is called 27Crows Radio. Not 27Crowd. Bad journalism.


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