Some Thoughts on Donations

Every once in a while I get a troll here or there who gives me shit because I take donations. Or at least I used to. I’m working on a solution to that and should have it up in a couple weeks or so. Here’s the thing. I only decided to take donations because people asked me to. I had tons of subscribers who asked me to make a donation button on my blog, my YouTube description, anywhere really… so that I could accept their help. Presumably because they appreciated my work and wanted to contribute to the cause.

I have always seen YouTube as a hobby. Even though the things I talk about have merit and value and I’m trying to help in some small way with the massive fight against cultural Marxism, it’s still a hobby. It’s something I can put aside any time I chose. I don’t always have the money to contribute to my hobbies the way I would like to. Most of my income goes to bills. Buying a $135 microphone is something I generally have to budget for. But with the help of my followers, I can make such a thing happen and therefore produce more content with higher quality.

I started out filming on my floor with nothing but a tripod, a camera, and a cloth background I got at an oddly cheap price. Since then I’ve been able to afford a newer setup that makes me feel like I’m a step closer to getting a studio. Which I would love to have as an overall goal one day. Contributions have helped me enormously and I am so grateful to those who have deemed my work worthy of helping out. Thank you!

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