Murray speaks at Harvard

There was a time when things such as evolution and plate tectonics were considered taboo and anyone who spoke of these concepts were black listed as radicals. Race realism is the new evolution.

I first became familiar with Charles Murray when he did an interview with Stefan Molyneux. Speaking of the link between race and IQ cost Murray dearly. And it was published over twenty years ago. 

It’s only when white liberals have personal experiences of being surrounded by other races that they sometimes (certainly not always, but sometimes) learn that there is a definite difference between us.

Until then, they continue to call those trying to start the discussion the usual names. Hateful. Bigots. Racist. Etc…

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — Students gathered at Harvard University on Wednesday to denounce a speech by an author who co-wrote a book discussing racial differences in intelligence and touched off a boisterous protest earlier this year in Vermont.

Chanting “black, brown, Asian, white, Harvard united for human rights” and “you can’t turn us around,” dozens of students stood on the front lawn of the university’s Museum of Natural History to protest the appearance of Charles Murray as his speech got underway inside.

Murray, a political scientist who co-authored the 1994 book “The Bell Curve,” has said his views are misunderstood. His speech on Wednesday was closed to the media.

Student speakers, part of the organizing Black Students Association and the Undergraduate Council’s Black Caucus, condemned what they say is Murray’s hateful rhetoric, which they believe is an attack on the existence of minorities.

“He’s trying to whitewash our existence,” said Ian Hayes, a 19-year-old sophomore. “He isn’t misunderstood, he’s wrong — plain and simple.”

One of the organizers of the demonstration, Anwar Omeish, a 21-year-old junior from Fairfax, Virginia, said Murray’s ideas are “flawed.”

“If it’s about contributions to global conversations, his is not a particularly worthy one,” Omeish said.

A parallel talk at the university’s northwest building, involving professors and students, was held shortly after the demonstration. The professors identified Murray as an empirically discredited and overtly racist speaker whose work is heavily reliant on biological determinism.

Murray’s speech at Vermont’s Middlebury College in March prompted a demonstration that involved up to eight masked people. A Middlebury professor suffered a neck injury during a subsequent physical confrontation. Dozens of students were disciplined.

Murray’s Harvard appearance was sponsored by the Open Campus Initiative, a student-run group that advocates free expression and has been inviting provocative speakers.

The Southern Poverty Law Center labels Murray a white nationalist, but he denies that.

One thing is certain. Don’t send your kids to college unless they’re going for a STEM degree. Some say we need to take over these institutions. But when I read articles such as this showcasing students who aren’t even able to listen to contradictory ideas without mouthing off the same rhetoric they’re liberal professors teach them, it makes me think that these institutions aren’t worth saving. Let them fall. We can create new ones from the ashes of the old. 

We used to go to university to learn new ideas. Now we go to destroy them. But race realism won’t die. Because as long as we don’t discuss race realism in a realistic way, we won’t come anywhere close to solving the problems that plague our societies.



One thought on “Murray speaks at Harvard

  1. …these institutions aren’t worth saving. Let them fall. We can create new ones from the ashes of the old.

    I favor this approach also, but beware the dynamic! Leftists will always strive to infiltrate, colonize, and capture educational and communication-oriented institutions. Moreover, because their desire for control of those institutions is so strong and their ethics nonexistent, they have a natural edge in the competition for dominance over them. The battle cannot be won once and for all; rather, we must be prepared to refight it every two or three generations.

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